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smsmode offers whatsapp chatbot to companies in-house

The company chatbot: closer to your employees

After conversational chatbots aimed at improving the customer experience, a new virtual trend is emerging. Bots, still bots, but B2E, meaning "Business to Employees". This digital automation tool is now available to your teams.

Why should you consider a chatbot?

In the age of massive digitalization

Our society has resolutely embraced the digital transformation, so much so that conversational robots have become valuable partners in our consumer experiences. Commonly used on websites to respond to users, they can also be very useful within your company. If they are able to improve the customer experience offered by your business, they can also do so internally, improving the quality of life and therefore the productivity of your employees.


Saves time and efficiency

By automatically and immediately taking care of simple and repetitive requests, the digital bot allows the management of your prospects and customers thanks to an intelligent dialogue with the possibility of customizing the situations. Your customer service focuses on essential tasks with higher added value, resulting in significant productivity gains.


The chatbot, digital collaborator

How? By playing on the well-being and thus the efficiency of the latter. The possibilities are countless. Management, HR, stress management ...

These diverse and varied issues can be easily handled by the robot's artificial intelligence. These Business to Employee (B2E) applications are available through multiple channels including the WhatsApp channel and are able to support employees in small, medium and larger companies.


Chatbots for all subjects

All companies can use enterprise bots because all functions within the company are affected. Whether it's to retrieve a purchase order, a forgotten password, a customer address... All support departments, from accounting to IT, including general services and logistics, are faced with recurring questions that an artificial intelligence is able to handle efficiently.

Why is WhatsApp a game-changer and enables the demand explosion?

Website chatbot is the most widespread. Other digital tools are able to support the use of it. 100% digital question/answer that creates real added value. WhatsApp is the ideal mobile application;

  • Universal, it works on all smartphones regardless of the OS (operating system) used and in all countries.
  • It offers you a wide choice of media (photo, video, PDF, sound, map address).
  • Immediate thanks to a powerful and robust PLC
  • It allows you to track your shipments, analyze their receipt, etc...
  • It has an obvious chatbot plugin facility
  • The costs offered by our services are very competitive