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It is now difficult to conceive a communication without including the mobile channel. Companies and brands are more and more numerous to include an SMS Marketing campaign.

The performance of this type of digital marketing has placed it in the top of mobile strategies, especially used in the case of special promotions, loyalty programs and coupon coupons. Great communication channel to reach its target, promote the purchase, to conquer new customers or to retain them, e-marketing SMS is indeed a good way to interact directly, personally and above all instantaneously with its Recipient via a simple text message sent to mobile phone... and the results are amazing!


Time to receive 4minThis is the average time
To open an SMS!

This proven immediacy makes SMS marketing a medium of immediacy and proximity, particularly suited to mobile communications as well as to improving customer relations.

Reading rate of 95%This is the reading rate
of an SMS campaign!

SMS has an unbeatable deliverability; you can be sure that your message will be read by your customers and prospects within minutes of being sent! What other communication channel can do this?

SMS Solutions for 166 countriesThis is the number of countries in which
You can send your campaigns!

You can run your SMS campaigns on more than 500 networks, in France, the French overseas departments and territories, and worldwide , with optimum quality of service. Find out more!

e-Marketing SMS, send any kind of message marketing by SMS

What advantages to E-marketing SMS?
  • A channel with proven effectiveness: an SMS is rarely deleted without being read or set aside to be read later (as are email campaigns or newsletters). It is estimated that 95-97% of messages are opened and read within 1-4 minutes of receiving a text message mailing.
  • An effective medium that is popular with users: more than 80% of consumers say they are interested in SMS messages sent by companies and brands; 72% of them prefer "useful" messages (confirmation of order follow-up, reminder of appointments, etc.) and 40% of mobile users find it interesting to receive discounts in shops or advantages by SMS.
  • New generation SMS: thanks to the technological innovations of smartphones, SMS can be the first link in an interactive experience thanks to the insertion of shortened URLs directing to a mobile landing page created for the occasion (or directly to your own website). Relaying couponing offers, flash sales, promotional videos or competitions: a wide range of e-marketing actions is available to you... and this is without counting on the reception of SMS which opens the door to inter-personal communications!

White Paper advertising campaign WHITE PAPER

Advertising SMS through 5 action cards

Download our white paper "Advertising SMS through 5 action sheets" for free and discover all the possibilities offered by advertising SMS to carry out a prospection on mobile.


Our services in e-marketing SMS

smsmode© offers several products and services for sending and routing SMS designed for all applications in mobile marketing:

  • a professional SaaS platform for sending SMS messages, accessible online via a simple web browser and which allows you to carry out Pro SMS campaigns, individually or in bulk, in complete autonomy. Thanks to this online software, and in just a few clicks, you can write your message and use the many features available: address book management, easy import of contacts via an Excel or CSV file, automatic deletion from the database following an unsubscription request or an incorrect telephone number, scheduling of sendings, consultation of responses received, reception statistics (reception rate, temporary or permanent errors, etc.), etc.
  • HTTP and Mail APIs that allow you to quickly integrate automated SMS sending from your website, your application or from your email box. These interfaces have been designed to be as complete as possible and as easy to use as possible. In addition, you should know that increased management and monitoring of the traffic generated by the APIs is carried out by our SMS notification specialists.
  • advanced SMS solutions that enrich this customer relations channel and enable the deployment of high value-added mobile services that are increasingly interactive: receipt of SMS, creation of mobile landing pages, automatic registration and unsubscription services by SMS, etc.

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