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How to send a message in number on the mobile channel?


To prospect new customers or disseminate business information to thousands or even tens of thousands of recipients at once, consider sending a message in number with an SMS-sending platform. Our platform makes available to professionals several features that allow to create and manage fully and autonomously SMS campaigns tosend message in number. You will be able to send a message in number to alert your contacts or to ensure your advertising campaigns.


Bulk SMS sending with smsmode©

As the main player in the Mobile communications Market via SMS, there are two possibilities for sending your message : A free-service message Dispatch platform from a SMsmode client space. Personal or the integration of communication requests via SMS from an external application to take advantage of all the features offered by our Mobile solutions platform on your website or your Application.

Regardless of the sending mode chosen to send message in number, the SaaS interface has visualizations of the performance statistics of the SMS campaigns sent; As a result of the analysis of the campaign fallout, you will be able to easily ensure the commercial and marketingimpact of your SMS mailings, improve them and make them more efficient.

Our SMS sending service is...


When you register, you get 20 free credits to test our service. Its use is then without obligation and without subscription.


Our SMS Campaign management tool is available through a SaaS platform accessible at any time and wherever you are.


All SMS ranges are available on our APIs that allow the integration of sending requests on a website or an application.


With the insertable variable fields in your SMS messages, make direct mailings easy.


In accordance with the agreement with the GDPR, all your data imported on our platform remain confidential.


If you need help or advice, you can contact our technical and commercial team free of charge by email or by phone.

Send Message in number : The possibilities available to you

In addition, sending message in number is an easy and economical marketing action: You have the opportunity to write your messages in advance and to specify the exact day and time of their shipments. The creation of the online account is also free and requires no subscriptions.

For the distribution of your SMS to a group of contacts, it is also possible to adapt the solution according to your needs. The economical solution offers you ultra-competitive rates : It allows you tosend messages to many recipients at a lower cost. The professional formula is, however, more suitable if you want to write a longer text, insert links with simplicity and especially benefit from an optimum quality of sending and receipts reports.

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