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Information: IP address change 

We inform you that the IP address of the domain will change on 01/09/2020. This change can potentially have an impact on your mailings, we therefore advise you to follow the procedure below to your IT department.

What actions do you need to take on your side?

Please ensure that your client software or application is able to function without the use of SSLv3. For security reasons, the IP for the domain will no longer support this protocol.

The support provided by smsmode©

In order to accompany you as well as possible, two areas are at your disposal. These are designed to facilitate migration and/or ensure a back-up solution in the event of a problem: This domain points to the new IP for testing before migration. This domain points to the current IP of the domain It will be deprecated on January 1st 2021.

The smsmode© support is at your disposal for any further question via our form.

Stay informed!