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Examples and case studies of using the SMS sending made by some of our 10 000 customers, start-up or international groups.


Moneder is a Catalan customer loyalty and payment management platform for the retail sector. The company works mainly with public authorities, which can thus support local businesses, their sustainability and, ultimately, the dynamism of their territories. In this way, they provide their local businesses with an innovative digital solution that enables them to compete with online retailers and major brands.


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Making SMS a cornerstone of small business communication

Moneder has integrated the sending of customizable SMS in its web & mobile applications via the implementation of the smsmode© API functions. In addition to sending emails, SMS is thus made available to merchants to run loyalty campaigns as well as to effectively notify their customers of key actions on the Moneder platform: confirmation of a purchase, periodic information on the customer account balance, points expiration alert, secure password regeneration, etc.

With the assurance that these SMS messages are always read, retailers have an effective channel to communicate with their customers.