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Orange API replacement

You send and receive SMS anywhere in the world through the implementation of the Orange API in your website or application and you are looking for a mobile message sending service to replace the Orange API. Client of the Orange API, we have your solution!

Opt for our smsmode© Orange API replacement solution for sending and receiving SMS via your website or your computer application!.


The Orange API replacement through the smsmode© services in DETAIL
Ultra-fast integration of the Orange API replacement SolutionAn ultra-fast approach

Theintegration of our Orange API replacement solution is simple, fast and free.

Maximum security for automated SMS sentMaximum security

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, our SMS APIs guarantee maximum security.

High Availability dedicated InfrastructureContinuous service

Our dedicated and high availability infrastructure is constantly monitored 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Support Team at your disposalTechnical support

Our dedicated developer team is available to help you integrate our APIs or answer your questions.

Free Orange API replacement for sending automatic messages

Advanced features at an ultra-competitive rate!
  • all the features offered by the Orange API available: immediate or programmed sending of SMS on mobile phones from all over the world, possibility of notification of reception and reports, personalization of the transmitter, Receiving answers, etc.
  • compatibility with the most common programming languages (PHP, Java, ASP, C++, Ruby, WINDEV, etc.) To be able to be used with all applications and software solutions
  • Ultra-competitive rates: without subscription or fixed cost, our SMS API service is free and only the cost of sending SMS will be charged to you according to the number of recipients, the range of SMS chosen and the country.

Learn more about the smsmode© HTTP API

HTTP API documentation


All the requests of our API to integrate the sending of SMS

Downloadable for free, our documentation accurately describes all requests to send and receive SMS, manage contact lists, manage receipt reports, etc.


A solution and a smsmode© offer specially designed for Orange API replacement
  • quick and easy integration of automated SMS Sending and SMS responses in systems and applications. These shipments also benefit from global coverage, which includes more than 160 countries and some 500 networks spread across the five continents.
  • a version of our SMS-sending API specially adapted for a very easy Orange API replacement: simply replace the called URL in the queries you have already implemented with the Orange API.
  • no other programming will be required! This makes it easy to migrate the SMS send and receive service.

Installation and integration of the Orange API via free smsmode© services


If you wish to migrate from the Orange API to our SMS API, please contact one of our developers on 04 91 05 64 61.
The process for performing the Free Orange API replacement of sMsmode is extremely simple and requires the change of only two parameters in your implementation.



Try our free SMS sending solution via our HTTP API
Implementation of codes and queries 100% free and without commitment or subscription per month


Contact for integrating automated SMS sending functions

Our team advises you...

Our sales team or our developer technicians are at your disposal to give you more information about sending SMS via the Orange API replacement solution or to provide you with free help and support for integration.