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Send a professional SMS campaign via the Internet through smsmode©


Would you like to keep your customer base informed of your latest promotional offers or to inform your customers of the availability of an order? With the Internet professional SMSsending solution offered by smsmode©, enjoy an efficient and effective service at an ultra-competitive cost.

The benefits of professional SMS via the Internet

Many marketing and communication practices integrate the actions ofsending SMS to their customers. It is indeed an effective way to improve the customer relationship of a company or a brand and thus effectively inform its customers throughout their client journey. Today there are multiple solutions and applications for sending professional SMS via the Internet incorporating bulk sendings as well as unit shipments or automated messages.

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Your professional SMS mailings via the internet on smsmode©

The smsmode© platform providesprofessional SMS- Sending services over the Internet. It has specialized in this field since its creation in 2004. Since then, the platform has developed a wide choice of SMS-sending solutions to one or more recipients at a time via the Internet. You can choose between various offers like the SMS or the TTS.

On the other hand, the Internet professional SMS -sending interface has many advantages. Easy to use, our Internet Platform allows simple management of both the content and the sending of messages. You can also manage the recipient list by Excel file or a CVS spreadsheet file, and set the time tosend the messages. Plus, side rates, you get a really competitive cost, one of the lowest on the market.

Contact our employees now who will advise you on the most suitable solution to your need for professional SMS via the Internet.