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Choose a powerful and profitable media

SMS Marketing is an indispensable communication channel for companies that want to invest in mobile media.

A powerful message

Because the limitation of the SMS to 160 characters requires a simple and concise message

Maximum deliverability

With a mobile phone equipment rate of nearly 100%

Effective campaigns

With an SMS marketing reading rate of 97% and a click rate between 6% and 16%

A popular media

By 85% of people who wish to receive useful information via SMS

instant communication

Because the SMS is usually read between 1 MN and 4 minutes after its reception

Interactive media

That allows you to integrate SMS marketing into a multi-channel mobile strategy


Improve customer relationship

Automatically informing your customers for order tracking, appointment reminders, etc.

  • Make your brand accessible to your customers at any time
  • Create a regular link with your interlocutors and increase their satisfaction
  • Ensure a better follow-up of reservations, purchases or orders

Create traffic in a point of sale

By carrying out promotional campaigns (promotions, private sales, liquidation of stocks, etc.) via SMS marketing.

  • Relay your promotional offers on mobile
  • Increase your turnover and operational efficiency
  • Benefit from the innovative image of the mobile

Develop an acquisition and loyalty strategy

To create a strong link with your customers and strengthen the proximity of your sign.

  • Animate your loyalty programs with SMS marketing
  • Deploy bi-directional communication
  • Make your customer base dynamic by allowing your customers to register and unsubscribe automatically

Broadcast Emergency messages

By communicating via SMS, with your contacts, in critical times.

  • Alert immediately following an event, disturbance or emergency
  • facilitate access to a real-time information service
  • Notify online payments and micro-payment transactions to ensure their security