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Trovimap & SMS OTP

Trovimap is an innovative online real estate portal, which is present throughout Spain. The property search is based entirely onlocation, so this online platform offers a simple and effective real estate experience  for both individuals and real estate professionals. Trovimap is not only a property listing portal , but also an evaluation service which is well-known in Spain.





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in the service of the property valuation tool

The 2FA(double authentication factor ) step, integrated in the estimation service offered by Trovimap, has many advantages for real estate prospecting.

A two-factor authentication scenario

The Trovimap real estate portal has an evaluation tool that allows to obtain the price of a property and market data (estimated sale and rental price, rental yield, price and market trends, cadastral report, etc.) in a few minutes.
At the very last stage of the form, the individual’s contact details are requested to send the report. A validation of the user’s mobile number by sending a One Time Password (OTP) by SMS has recently been activated.

We needed a very fast, simple and secure process that would allow us to validate the mobile number entered in the questionnaire without too much friction.
Josep Lluis Navas, Trovimap Spain Manager

The objectif is to have accurate and validated telephone details to enable the regional sales manager to contact individuals who want to sell their property at short notice.

sending an OTP code by SMSsending an OTP code by SMSsending an OTP code by SMSinvio di un codice OTP tramite SMSVersand eines OTP-Codes per SMS

prospects verification

SMS OTP as an essential tool in contact entry

The activation of two-factor authentication on the Trovimap platform is a recent change, after many years of non-validation. It also follows the realization that a significant portion of the accounts created were based on false information and fictitious identities. Trovimap's technical department evaluated several options (including adding a captcha). But it was the SMS OTP with a single-use numerical code sent by text message, which appeared to be the quickest solution to implement (via API) and above all the most effective in achieving the desired result: verification of the Internet user's identity.

Before the introduction of SMS OTP, we had about 20% of anonymous users: individuals or professionals who did not want to show their identity. Today, we are almost at zero!

Josep Lluis Navas, Trovimap Spain Manager

This authentication step makes it possible to counteract two major and common problems that SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms encounter: either the telephone details are “accidentally” wrong due to a typing error, or the user intentionally enters false information.
By adopting a proactive verification of incoming contacts, in real time and carried out by themselves, Trovimap ensures the veracity of the mobile number of incoming contacts before passing them on to the sales team. This proactivity is the key aspect of a crucial issue for Trovimap: quality acquisition, which is closely linked to the improving efficiency of sales prospecting.

SMS to qualify prospects

Very fast and simple process
Robust, reliable and secure validation
Very low friction

Limited verification of the phone number

Generate qualified leads with SMS OTP

qualified lead generation

Generation of high-quality and verified leads

Beyond the strict validation of the telephone number the guiding principle od Trovimap’s approach is the qualification of incoming leads. The collection of data — and relevant, reliable and usable type of data — is a basic principle that is essential to its exploitation by the sales teams which can improve the prospecting. Let’s not forget that a lack of information as well as erroneous data leads to loss of time, money and ROI.

By adopting lead nurturing via OTP and SMS — which removes and disqualifies the contact from the start — Trovimap team has adopted a method that is certainly radical, but highly effective. The platform and its team have only the most highly qualified opportunities (MQLs, not SQLs) available to them as soon as they enter the database, so that they can concentrate on those contacts with the highest motivation and most likely to be converted... all thanks to a simple text message!

The issue of lead quality and qualification is crucial:identifying SQL is now a key element of an inbound of an inbound lead generation strategy.

Fabien Andraud, head of sales smsmode©

In short, this SMS OTP two-factor authentication process is approved by the Trovimap team and is now proving to be their best lead capture asset. The only regret today is that they did not implement it before, so that they could benefit from its advantages earlier!

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