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Number of mobile communication market players via SMS offers a low-cost SMS offer. Our company has made the choice for a few years to no longer offer this product not to disfavor our customers but because the value for money did not fit our requirements.

So we took our fine-cut H2 paper pencil and our prettiest calculator to explain why the low-cost SMS is not as economical and advantageous as it looks...


The ultra-economical SMSThe most
Economic market

SMS costs up to 10 times less than a paper campaign or a telephone reminder. By choosing the SMS to disseminate your information and promotions, you opt for the media at the most competitive rates on the market.

4.5 Euro centsThis is the shipping price
of each SMS message!

The returns on investment found are generally very high : depending on the sectors of activity and the attractiveness of the offer, the orders can be multiplied by 2 following a sending of SMS and the king rise to 400 to 600% In view of the low starting bet.

The benefits of sending SMS No commitment
& Free Trial

SMS Sending services are non-binding and without subscription. so you only pay for the text messages actually sent. In addition, when registering, you will receive 20 free SMS to test our SMS sending service!

Stop the ideas received around the SMS low-cost!

Examples of low-cost SMS messages

With low-cost SMS, I save money

Certainly, with a price of around 2.5 cents, you are saving at the moment T but not on the medium and long term. In fact, with the SMS low-cost, Unable to clean your contacts databases and remove invalid or more assigned numbers. In summary, you pay for SMS that are not and will never be received!


With low-cost SMS, I get a quality service

Don't worry. In order to reduce costs, low-cost SMS-sending services opt for roaming, i.e. temporary, random and perpetually modified routes. As much to say that the délibrabilité of your messages suffers and that the follow-up and the SAV of your shipments is most often catastrophic...


With low-cost SMS, I benefit from the options of premium SMS

The economic SMS services very often offer the possibility to personalize the message sender but it is necessary to know that it remains at the goodwill of their providers. So it's a bit like playing lotto will say! One thing is for sure, with the economical SMS, you can in no way make long SMS... 160 characters in everything and for everything, otherwise your message will be truncated !


With low-cost SMS, delivery times are reasonable

Again, the returns of experience leave no room for doubt. The low-cost campaigns sent at 9 a.m. and only received at 6 p.m. are not uncommon. As much to say that you should not be in a hurry (a height for a media that wants to be the champion of immediacy) and not rely absolutely on the deliverability of its shipments for its business...

The SMS, the most economical and profitable media on the market!

The relevance of the SMS has never been so obvious and is part of the marketers ' preferred communication tools. Here are some statistics that will make you rethink the performance and profitability of SMS submissions.

  • The SMS is the most used tool: with 255 SMS received on average per person per month, the SMS enjoys great popularity (40% of people are interested to receive good plans by SMS) and remains the medium to the greatest common denominator Between all mobile platforms.
  • SMS is the most powerful tool: SMS Marketing is the most efficient solution in terms of impact on the reception of information with an opening rate of around 97% and an average time recorded between the reception of the SMS and its Four-minute opening.
  • SMS is the most flexible tool: smsmode© professional bulk SMS services are the result of over 15 years of experience in managing and sending SMS campaigns and adapting to all your needs. We provide you with a secure online platform and associated HTTP APIs with advanced functionality and easy and intuitive use.

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