SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize it. read the article SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize the article Entrega de SMS: ¿Qué tasa debe esperar? Cómo optimizarlo. leer el artículo Consegna degli SMS: quale tasso di consegna si deve prevedere? Come ottimizzarlo.per saperne di più SMS-Zustellung: Welche Rate ist zu erwarten? Wie man sie optimiert.mehr erfahren

Find out what SMS can do for you and your patients

Your time is precious. Mobile messaging saves you time, reduces pressure on the secretary's office and increases your income.


Discover our HDS-certified SMS offer
(Health Data Host)

Enjoy the benefits of SMS and comply with health data protection requirements. The SMS HDS offer is specially designed for industries hosting "sensitive data".


How SMS has contributed to Doctolib's success from the outset

Find out how the Doctolib platform reduces missed appointments by up to 60%.


How to speed up replacement recruitment with SMS

Find out how the Médiflash platform achieves 61% of replacement assignments filled in less than 1 hour.

Save time,
increase customer satisfaction

Appointment reminder

Cut the number of missed appointments by 4! The simple act of reminding you of appointments by SMS can drastically transform your medical practice.

Schedule and manage appointments automatically

4-fold reduction in number of missed appointments

Optimize your planning and income

Transparent healthcare care pathway

Channels for all audiences (SMS or voice message)

Patient alerts

Give your patients the therapeutic follow-up
they deserve! Improve their well-being and care understanding with targeted, personalized alerts.

Stay informed about your patients' condition with alerts from a connected object connected object

Remind of the need for prescription refills

Remind patients when to take their medication and which ones to take

Indicate availability of test results, treatment, etc.

Set automatic reminder of the need for regular consultation

Send preventive or informative messages before a medical procedure

Management of
schedules and shifts

Give your secretariat a direct and actionable communication tool.

Manage agent availability in the event of absence

Facilitate the management and integration of replacements

Remind and optimize on-call organization

Validate leave requests

Transmit information efficiently in a department

Application security

Add extra security with SMS OTP identity verification.

Secure connections to teleportals & applications

Securely sign your documents electronically

Secure all online procedures (payment, declaration, etc.)

Accounting management

SMS integrates perfectly with your billing system to optimize your revenues, reduce unpaid bills and reduce the workload of your accounting department.

Relaunch unpaid invoices effectively

Take advantage of SMS open rates (98%) to make invoices unmissable

Remind you of the steps to take to make payment

Patient pathway

Track care paths more effectively, keep patients informed, collect feedback or conduct satisfaction surveys using the response function.

Inform about changes (schedule, location, practitioners, etc.)

Collect opinions on the care pathway.

Make patient follow-up interactive

Enrich a treatment study

Free up time to give
better care, with peace of mind.

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SMS reminders divide the number of missed appointments by 4.

Whether you're a doctor, an optician or a healthcare personnel management company, SMS is an infallible asset for healthcare professionals. Communicate personally with your patients and automate all your time-consuming tasks. Discover TTS, a text-to-speech solution sent to fixed or cell phones, to make your message even more accessible and human-sounding.

A MedTech specialist trained in the sector challenges

Benefit from a solution that meets all your requirements in terms of patient confidentiality and security.

100% RGPD-compliant, and equipped with a security policy that complies with the highest standards in force (ISO 27001, HDS).

Scalable SMS solutions dedicated to the healthcare sector

To meet your present and future needs, your SMS communication strategy must be scalable. Anticipating growth also means imagining solutions that can solve a problem before it arises. As your company evolve, so do your needs. You might need a direct API connection, new types of personalized senders, short codes, a Virtual Mobile Number or a WhatsApp sender.

Centralize your communication

Build your own infrastructure and implement mobile messaging with our APIs.

Choose one of our plugins to integrate SMS in just a few clicks with your CRM, ERP, calendar and all types of applications (Google Calendar, Zapier, Adobe...).

Take advantage of our easy-to-use SaaS platform to send SMS messages easily and efficiently, without any development work.

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