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Mobile messaging for your logistics operations

Communicate and notify drivers, suppliers and customers in real time. Save time, reduce your workload and achieve economies of scale.


Benefits of mobile messaging

Improve dialogue
between teams

Optimize your workflow. Eliminate time-consuming tasks, confirm deliveries and ensure efficient routing and inventories by quickly sending essential information.

Secure all your logistics operations

Communicate while preserving the confidentiality of personal numbers, verify a recipient's identity, validate sensitive steps. smsmode© provides all the tools needed for logistical security. 

Benefit from a universal channel

With SMS, your logistics communications can reach your staff and customers in any situation. It's a channel that's natively present on all phones, and functional regardless of country or Internet coverage.   

Automate shipping and delivery notifications

Increase customer satisfaction and streamline your processes by reducing your workload. Integrate automated messaging directly into your system . Send notifications when stock is in or out, for delivery, status updates and validation codes. The time you save lowers your hourly costs and saves you money.

Api SMS logistics

Implement dispatch in your application and choose the right queries with our team of experts.

Select the plugin that integrates with the tools you use every day and activate notifications in just a few clicks.

Integrate over 5,000 software programs and automation applications that trigger a service smsmode© with Zapier

Simplify coordination while guaranteeing the highest level of safety

Benefit from a solution that meets all your confidentiality and security requirements.

100% RGPD-compliant, and equipped with a security policy that complies with the highest standards in force (ISO 27001, HDS).

Courier services for logistics

logistics mail IA

Switch to AI-assisted customer service

Use WhatsApp, your users' favorite messaging application, to boost your customer service. You can also plug in a WhatsApp virtual assistant to listen to your users 24/7 and cut costs considerably. Chatbots reduce processing time by 40% (Natixis) and increase customer satisfaction by 62% (Oracle).

users with SMS

Secure the transport experience for drivers and customers via two-factor authentication features. Validate delivery and pick-up with a single-use code. Detect fraud and protect your logistics operations against unauthorized access with number verification and 2FA (2 factor Authentication).

SMS logistics authentication
operational conversation messaging

Just chat

Minimize missed appointments, delivery attempts and support costs. Communicate with your entire team to ensure smooth operations. Allow your customers to confirm or reschedule an appointment, delivery or arrange a return from the channel of their choice. With SMS responses, a WhatsApp conversation or a call to customer service.

Ensuring the confidentiality
of exchanges

With Mobile masking, your employees and customers can communicate by phone while masking both numbers. Promote transparent, timely business communication while keeping data confidential.

logistic security
logistics sms alert

Safely warn of sensitive activity

Inform customers of important account activity via an authenticated channel (the phone number is a guarantor of identity). Examples include low balance alerts, password resets and bill reminders.

Eliminate manual tasks, streamline your logistics operations, save time and money.

Mobile messaging services simplify coordination between drivers, suppliers and customers, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. Eliminate time-consuming tasks on a large scale, reducing staff workload while saving money.

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