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Mobile messaging for e-commerce

Increase your store's conversion rate, improve the user experience and consolidate trust in your brand with messaging channels that fit perfectly with your customer journey, whatever your business.



How to triple your conversion rate with RCS

Find out how Panda Tea takes up the challenge of boosting its marketing campaigns using the power of RCS.

Boost your sales,
excel in customer relations

Follow up your users to boost your sales

No purchases in a while? Abandoned shopping cart? Revive and rekindle your customers' interest, reminding them that they only have a few clicks left to finalize their purchase.

Increase store conversion rate

Increase sales volume

Building a personalized customer experience

Promotional messages

74% of customers buy based on customer experience (Forbes). To send promo codes, competitions or announce sales via SMS, opt for personalized messages enriched by data.

Send targeted, geolocated messages to highlight promotional offers

Boosting sales performance

Benefit from low unit costs and an attractive SMS ROI

loyalty messages

Onboarding, birthdays, invitations to VIP events... Send personalized messages to your customers. Small, appreciated automations that have a great chance of triggering purchasing behavior.

Building a personalized relationship

Trigger a positive emotion

Improve brand image

Keep customers informed throughout
the customer journey

Equip yourself with a range of direct, non-intrusive messages. Perfect for authenticating an account, confirming an order or delivery, informing of a change or notifying a drop-off point.

Offering customers greater peace of mind

Improve customer experience & brand trust

Reduce support department workload

Boost your customer relations
with a multi-channel approach

sms abandoned cart relaunch

Revive abandoned baskets

70% of consumers abandon their shopping baskets before finalizing their order (baymard)

Optimizing conversion is the key to success in e-commerce. When you consider that 7 out of 10 shopping carts don't lead to a purchase, it's clear that solving the problem of cart abandonment is a huge business opportunity. SMS is the perfect channel for reducing abandoned basket rates, and even capitalizing on them. Its impressive KPIs can make relaunching abandoned baskets even more effective.

An adaptable, competitive solution

smsmode© offers you a range of customized solutions that adapt to your needs and the complexity of your digital ecosystem. Whether you simply want to manage your SMS campaignsWhether you want to integrate pro messages with your CMS or CRM, or build a messaging solution that's totally integrated with your system, our experts will help you find the ideal implementation to support your growth.

A cloud-based platform that's quick and easy to use, so you can send SMS messages easily and efficiently, without any development.

A suite of plugins and connectors to integrate SMS in just a few clicks with your CRM, ERP or any other Zapier "no code" application.

Complete, high-performance integration of mobile messaging into your system thanks to our Rest APIs or

Examples of SMS
for e-commerce

smsmode© offers you 60 SMS examples perfectly adapted to e-commerce use cases

Engage your customers, lower your cost of acquisition, stand out from the competition

Faced with rising acquisition costs, increasingly tough competition and increasingly volatile customers, e-commerce sites need to be able to activate new levers for growth. Mobile messaging, especially SMS, offers many solutions.


Instant, direct and with an open rate of 97%, SMS is a powerful marketing channel.


A quick message: read within 4 minutes of receipt in 90% of cases, ideal for flash promotional offers, stock alerts, etc.

Automated dispatch: to save time and optimize your marketing efficiency.

Total integration: SMS can be used in conjunction with other channels, such as e-mail and social media, to boost the impact of your campaigns.

Targeted media: allowing you to target specific segments of your audience based on criteria such as purchase history, geographic location, age, etc.

Unbeatable ROI: the average return on SMS investment is 4900%.


Enhance the user experience and extend it after purchase with appreciated notifications.


Order confirmation and delivery tracking: Inform customers of the status of their delivery, status updates and tracking numbers.

Abandoned basket reminder: send an SMS to remind your customers of the items they have left on hold, with a direct link to their basket.

Availability notifications: If an out-of-stock product becomes available again, notify customers who have expressed interest in the product.

Product reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews of the products they have purchased by sending an SMS after delivery.

Birthdays and special events: Send greetings, special offers for birthdays or messages for other special occasions, and show your commitment to your customers.


Increase your customers' confidence with powerful security solutions, and gain peace of mind at every sensitive stage of your business.


Validate identity at a key stage with a single-use code (OTP)

Make delivery or support calls totally confidential with Mobile Masking (a solution for masking contact details by replacing 2 numbers).

Secure connections

Boost your sales

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