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SMS to boost your customer relations

Build customer loyalty by delivering an experience that turns consumers into ambassadors. Send the right message at the right time.


Trigger marketing to enhance the customer experience

Automatically develop the relationship between customer and brand

Welcome messages, complaints, requests for feedback, order confirmations or after-sales service: these are all interaction points and information messages that can make a difference, improve the customer experience and encourage re-purchases. Fill the need for information and immediacy in brand relations with easy-to-automate SMS messages.

Find out more about the SMS examples you can integrate into your customer relations and try them out now.

The benefits of SMS in customer relations

Discover the many uses of this channel, which can be integrated into all media. (After-sales services, hotlines, sales departments, etc.).

Notify the customer of the current service status

Repair, complaint handling, information request, etc.): by sending these notifications to your customers, the perceived quality of after-sales and customer service is enhanced, and the service provided is undeniably better.

Streamline your service

Improve your staff's responsiveness and save considerable time. SMS is the shortest route between a company and its customer. Develop an innovative strategy based on automation and a close relationship between your departments and your customers.

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Get SMS feedback on your product/service. Measure customer satisfaction with your services, website navigation, event/trade show, etc. Detect dissatisfied customers faster and meet consumer expectations.


WhatsApp Business, RCS...

new A2P mobile massaging channels for your company

Discover the new mobile messaging channels and the new opportunities they offer for customer relations.

Implement SMS text messaging customer relations

smsmode© provides you with tools and solutions to integrate SMS into your entire customer journey


Poiscaille: SMS throughout the customer relationship

Fast-growing startup Poiscaille has made the SMS channel a fundamental link in supporting, developing and energizing a high-quality customer experience.

SMS in figures


read rate of an SMS campaign

This is one of the many advantages ofSMS over email or traditional telephone reminders. With SMS, you can be sure that your message will be received, read and taken into account by the majority of your recipients!


average time to open an SMS

SMS is the medium ofimmediacy and proximity. So it's particularly well suited to real-time communications. Maintain a direct, ultra-personal relationship with your customers.


increase in satisfaction

An easy, fast, effective and simple-to-use communication medium, SMS remains an optimal channel for customer services. It optimizes customer relations and maximizes satisfaction.

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