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Boost your customer exchanges with rich, engaging content

Go conversational with RCS (or SMS 2.0) and send rich messages. This standardized mobile messaging system lets you share rich media content of any size (images, videos, gifs, carousels, maps, buttons, etc.) and create precise, efficient scenarios.

RCS Google partner


The advantages of the RCS channel

Discover the many advantages of sending RCS with the smsmode© platform.

A new era in B2B communications

RBM (Rich Business Messaging), RCS for brands, offers you a new and effective way of communicating with your customers. With unprecedented conversion and engagement rates. 

Robust structure and high availability

Our RCS API and routing systems are based on high-performance, secure technical infrastructures.

100% French, expert platform

France's leading player in A2P mobile messaging, smsmode© supports start-ups and major corporations alike in the use of professional mobile channels. Our customers benefit from our solid expertise in


RCS conversation in action

RCS channel features

As a Google test partner (OTT - Over The Top), we offer companies the opportunity to take advantage of the power and potential of RCS messaging now.

Features included

such as images, videos, audio, documents (pdf, xls, doc, etc.), maps, QR codes, geolocation sharing, payments, links to the brand's website or native guided and suggested responses (buttons and carousels).

marketing and notification - (advertising, marketing, booking confirmation, delivery alert, order notification, customer service, etc.)

ideal messaging for customer relations and chatbot integration, thanks to intuitive conversational features (carousels, pre-defined responses, call-to-action buttons, one-to-one or group chat, etc.).

with a company profile to showcase your corporate image (color, logo, website, description, phone number, etc.).

via our RCS Rest API, compatible with a wide range of programming languages (PHP, Java, cURL, .NET, JSON, C#, XML, Python, RUBY, ASP, C++, etc.).

in real time, RCS messages with acknowledgement of receipt, read rate or click rate.

the conversation takes place in your client's native inbox, without any user manipulation or downloading, as long as the mobile terminal is compatible with RCS reception.

with receipt of the message in the form of a traditional SMS, if the professional RCS messaging service is not supported.

available in several countries (currently being deployed in over 10 countries, including France, the UK, Spain, Italy and the USA), who are thus benefiting from this protocol promoted by the GSMA and Google.


Overview and functions of the RCS messaging system

Unrivalled experience in customer care and marketing, thanks to engaging multimedia content and a certified company profile.

RCS functionalities



WPCS 2.1.4
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