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Mobile messaging for real estate services

Improve the quality of your customer service, optimize your time and increase your efficiency with a solution perfectly adapted to property management.



How to automatically qualify salespeople with SMS OTP

Find out how the Trovimap platform uses a temporary unique code (OTP) to qualify incoming leads.


How to optimize operational efficiency in rental management

Find out how social landlords have reduced the cost of tenant exchanges by a factor of 50 and achieved a non-payment rate of less than 2%.

Secure your application
and streamline your customer experience

Customer Relations

Thanks to a personal, instantaneous and non-intrusive channel, it's easy to establish a dialogue between real estate agency and customer.

Real-time communication

A practical, universal channel

Automated messages


Simplify the payment and collection process with automatic mailings. Reduce unpaid invoices and automate your collection strategy.

Reduce payment times

Secure channel

Ease of use
and efficiency

Appointment reminders
and visits

Save time and money. Reduce missed appointments with automatic reminders. Offer your customers customized follow-up and increase your sales opportunities.

Number of missed appointments divided by 4 (visits, work, housework, etc.)

Optimization of agents' schedules, peace of mind

Accelerate response and reduce the number of vacant units.


Increase your conversion rate and optimize your agents' time by qualifying prospects right from the start with SMS verification.

A quick and efficient way to sort

Verification of information entered

Guaranteed data validity and security

A tailor-made tool for real estate

SMS OTP to qualify leads right from the first contact

A sales force is expensive: its time is limited and needs to be optimized. By checking the phone number after submitting a form, you can ensure that prospects have a real intention to buy. With SMS OTP, the company uses this confirmation code to ensure that the telephone number given is correct

This is the best way to keep out the curious, with no intention of buying, and concentrate on the real buyers and/or professionals. It's the perfect way to generate quality leads from a channel that's compatible and adaptable to all technical environments.

A secure solution

Benefit from a solution that meets all your requirements in terms of patient confidentiality and security.

100% RGPD-compliant, and equipped with a security policy that complies with the highest standards in force (ISO 27001, HDS).

Solutions tailored to
real estate needs

Discover the benefits smsmode©

in a personalized personalized

Inform your customers about new properties available for sale or rent that match their search criteria. Keep them up to date on the status of their real estate transactions (loan approvals, inspections, signings, etc.).

Easily involve
your customers

Use SMS to ask customers to provide essential information, tax documents or identification, quickly and conveniently. Get customer feedback on their experience with you or the properties they visited.

Increase your conversions automatically

Has the price of a property been reduced? Let people know about it. Promote your services, properties for sale or for rent. Invite your customers to participate in real estate events from a channel that boasts a 98% open rate.

Enter the age of
conversational commerce

Increase engagement and conversions with real-time conversations from a virtual number. Boost your marketing (RCS) or customer relations (WhatsApp) with rich, personalized chatbot-enhanced messaging campaigns on your customers' preferred channel.

Your mobile communication,
secure and unified

From notification through to buyer qualification and conversation, manage all your needs from a single source. SMS Solution. Whatever your infrastructure's level of maturity, smsmode© allows you to manage your operations autonomously and build the messaging solution that's right for you. Build your own infrastructure and implement mobile messaging using our APIs.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use SaaS platform to send SMS messages easily and efficiently, without any development work.

Choose one of our plugins to integrate SMS in just a few clicks with your CRM, ERP or any other Zapier-coded application.

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