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Mobile messaging for education

Reach your students on a medium they're sure to have in their hands: their smartphone. Adopt effective communication from an automatable channel and benefit from a message open rate of over 95%.

Secure your software, engage your users

Informing students

Over 99% of people aged 15 and over have a smartphone (Kantar). Mobile messaging is the ideal tool for effectively reaching this ultra-connected target.

High open rates

Offer constant accessibility

Benefit from immediate communication

Real-time notification

Unlike SMS, e-mail lands in a crowded inbox that is not necessarily consulted several times a day. Mobile messaging delivers information instantly.

Benefit from frequent consultation

Real-time information (timetables, venues, school stages, etc.)

Facilitating the dissemination of information

Building trust

By using SMS, educational establishments are responding to demand from parents for better communication via digital channels (82% according to ARCEP).

Increase satisfaction

Transparent communication

Building trust

Automated communication

SMS simplifies communication in education. It provides a channel for efficient, automated exchanges, saving time for teachers and school management.

Save time in your communication

Improving productivity

Simplifying exchanges

Enhance your software with messaging features

Optimize student engagement

Missing an important notification sent by e-mail or directly on a platform can bring a course to a standstill and reduce learner involvement. Mobile messaging offers a more direct and immediate way to engage students. Take advantage of instant, universally accessible channels, easily customizable messages and the possibility of automated or interpersonal two-way communication. All without developing a mobile application.

A secure, compliant system for confidential data

The smsmsode sending platform© meets the highest standards of confidentialitý and securitý.

Our solution is 100% RGPD compliant and equipped with a security policý meeting the highest standards in force (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HDS) to ensure your sensitive data is protected.

ISO 27701 certified
Iso 27001 certified

Enhance user experience and strengthen communication

Efficient notification

Send reminders of events, forums, meetings, days off, exams... With SMS, you can be sure that information reaches the parties concerned. It's a powerful channel, especially for emergencies such as school closures or other incidents.

Recall payments and signatures

A direct, far-reaching channel improves payment collection (school fees, canteen fees, etc.). It's highly visible, with links for easy payment. SMS OTP can also be used to sign documents remotely.


Oodrive: an electronic signature by SMS

Find out why SMS has evidential value and can be used to sign documents electronically

Develop academic support

Send messages containing study tips, reminders of online tutoring sessions, links to educational resources and more. This can be particularly useful for students who need extra support outside class.

Secure your e-learning platform

Make sure your students' personal space remains personal. By adding two-factor authentication via SMStwo-factor authentication, you give your online platform an extra layer of security that prevents 99% of phishing attacks and 66% of targeted attacks (Google).

Optimize your functionalities now.