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Mobile messaging for enhanced security

Fight fraud and attacks, verify a recipient's identity, protect connections and validate sensitive steps with a reliable, certified service provider.


Benefits of mobile messaging

access to online tools

Reduce unauthorized account activity with SMS OTP. The key to two-factor authentication (2FA) for registration, login and transaction approval.

Reduce fraud
without workload

Secure your user experience with phone number validation. Check validity and number information in real time, and detect fraud with minimum friction.

Benefit from total compatibility

Benefit from the total availability of SMS. Send your one-time access codes worldwide with a partner able to provide the same service in any country.

Benefit from a partner committed to security and confidentiality

Our priority is safety. smsmode© strengthens your systems by integrating security, confidentiality and resilience into every layer of its solution.

Our sum 100% RGPD compliant
and equipped with a security policy that meets the highest standards in force (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HDS).

SMS to secure your platform

Onboarding and registration

Implement SMS OTP and offer a seamless, secure experience. This authentication system enables you to prevent the creation of fake accounts by validating the phone number, but also to qualify prospect engagement, which promotes conversions.

Login and account management

Add security to protect against 99.9% of automated attacks (1). Protect access to prevent end-user account takeovers. Validate password resets, reactivations, device changes, etc. to improve trust and retention.


Reduce payment fraud by protecting transactions within your platform (e.g. credits), but also banking transactions worldwide. 2FA by SMS OTP replaces 3D secure for countries where it is not active, and for virtual cards.

Login without password

An easy-to-implement passwordless solution

Reduce churn and streamline the customer experience to increase conversions. OTP login eliminates the need for passwords, which can be easily guessed or stolen.

Owner verification
of numbers

A telephone number is legal proof of identity. It can therefore be used for a wide range of purposes(electronic signatures, contracts, liability, etc.). Confirm that your user is in possession of a telephone number to validate their identity automatically or sign electronically.

Protection against
OTP fraud

Reduce fraudulent authentication attempts with our Lookup api. Get all the information on a number to determine the operators behind excessive traffic, block shipments and limit your costs. Automate this query and reduce friction. (Access limited to premium subscriptions)

Benefits smsmode©

logistics sms alert

Optimize OTP conversions

Increase your conversion rate with a reliable provider to limit errors and support needs.

Build with with confidence

Our SMS authentication is seamlessly integrated into registration or login flows via our REST API.

logistic security

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