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DID (Virtual Mobile Number)

Number rental in reception for SMS conversations

By renting a virtual mobile number (soon to be Time2chat in France), you can send and receive SMS messages on your account. smsmode© and trigger automatic actions on receipt. Ideal for being contacted by SMS, initiating conversations, building mailing lists (transport line alerts, newsletters).


The advantages of the Virtual Mobile Number

Discover the many advantages of using NVM (Mobile Virtual Number) with the platform smsmode©.

Reception number transfer option

Transfer your NVM or SIM card reception service while retaining the associated dedicated number. Benefit from fast support, optimal set-up and high-quality routing without service interruption.

24/7 reception with 99% uptime

Mobile Virtual Number rental means you benefit from a reliable, 24/7, high-performance service (with 99.999% uptime). NVM monitoring and surveillance to guarantee availability and performance.

A proactive team at your service

Our experts help you to gain the maximum potential of a virtual mobile number, from the set up to the monitoring of its use. Attentive to your needs, they have a complete vision of best practices to implement.

Virtual Mobile Number features

SMS via a Virtual Mobile Number offers a flexible, cost-effective service for initiating conversations and receiving SMS messages from your customers.

Features included


All the features of the Mobile Virtual Number on reception

Our product sheet describes precisely the operating principle for receiving SMS (opt-in SMS, requests for information and enquiries, registrations for a service, newsletter or game, customer data collection, etc.) and thus meets the needs of multiple applications.




WPCS 2.1.4
Prices in $US, £ and $CA are approximate and based on the application of an exchange rate to the price in Euro.

* Note: rates for the standard SMS sent in France Métropolitaine.
For rentals and sendings to other destinations, please contact the sales department:

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