SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize it. read the article SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize the article Entrega de SMS: ¿Qué tasa debe esperar? Cómo optimizarlo. leer el artículo Consegna degli SMS: quale tasso di consegna si deve prevedere? Come ottimizzarlo.per saperne di più SMS-Zustellung: Welche Rate ist zu erwarten? Wie man sie optimiert.mehr erfahren


Add the SMS function to your application

Implement our API for sending SMS MT and receiving SMS MO to France and abroad. Discover SDKs that facilitate custom development of SMS sending and receiving functionalities.


SMS API benefits

Find out why you should implement the SMS API, RESTful or HTTP, with smsmode©.

Simple integration and scalable structure

Our ready-to-use API is designed for scalability and performance. With just a few API calls documented by comprehensive SDKs, you can integrate SMS sending and receiving functionalities, manage authentication parameters, response formats and more.

API with 99.9% service level

Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure is monitored continuously, 24/7, and is fault-tolerant thanks to
, a solution that switches traffic to backup providers. The success rate of free SMS API is the true measure of our expertise.

24/7 customer support

Our experts will support you in implementing and monitoring your SMS dispatches sent using our webservice. Based exclusively in Marseille, France, they use high-performance tools to monitor your traffic (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana - ELK -).

SMS API features

The API, based on a robust gateway, makes it easy to monitor SMS communications integrated into your applications. Find out more about our API features.

Features included

automated sending of SMS MT and SMS MO responses in systems and applications

handling over 4 million requests daily

for automated SMS sending (immediate or scheduled SMS sending, SMS deletion, SMS history, DLR retrieval, add contact, automatic notification, sender ID personalization, etc.).

(reports) with real-time notification

for greater transparency and security in client/server exchanges. 

for SMS marketing, SMS notification and SMS One Time Password, on different channels to optimize the deliverability of critical messages

Featuring emoticons or characters from non-Latin languages - Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

on all operators in France and in over 166 countries (including French overseas departments and territories)


Zapier Plugin & SMS: the winning combo for Mediflash

Mediflash uses SMS to notify caregivers of a new mission.
To implement an automated workflow between Mediflash and smsmode©they opted for the Zapier plugin. A no-code approach that makes it possible to test API functionality without development.  

Start integrating the SMS API now




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