SMS campaign for an election: Good or bad idea? read the article SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize the article Entrega de SMS: ¿Qué tasa debe esperar? How to optimize it. leer el artículo Consegna degli SMS: quale tasso di consegna si deve prevedere? Come ottimizzarlo.per saperne di più SMS-Zustellung: Welche Rate ist zu erwarten? Wie man sie optimiert.mehr erfahren

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Discover a new way to interact with your customers. Easily integrate flexible, powerful mobile messaging solutions tailored to every customer need.


Why choose smsmode© ?

100% secure system

Intuitive platform

Quick and easy integration

Communication channels tailored to your needs

A diversified offer for optimal customer service. Get the right message across to your customers on their preferred communication channel.


Maximum deliverability

A channel with a penetration, open and read rate of over 90%. Whether mass marketing campaigns, transactional messages or notifications, your SMS messages are routed by smsmode© to over 500 live operators worldwide, for universal communication.


A more human voice message

An audio message (text-to-speech) sent to your customer's landline or cell phone, offering more engaging experiences, ideal for critical alerts and engaging the elderly or visually impaired.


Start a conversation

Take your mobile marketing to the next level with a conversational, multimedia channel (images, videos, gifs, carousels, maps, buttons, etc.). Immerse your users in an interactive experience, right from their default messaging app.


The No. 1 courier at your service

Integrate WhatsApp messaging into your customer relations. Use the power of chatbot and multimedia content (image, video, CTA, product listings, etc.) to create useful, interactive, personal and memorable experiences.

Mobile messaging tailored to your tools

smsmode© becomes one with your existing tools, to multiply their potential tenfold thanks to mobile messaging.

Implement our API in just a few minutes

With our REST APIs, quickly implement all SMS sending, receiving and authentication functionalities. Get started easily with our comprehensive developer documentation.

curl -X POST \
 "" \
 -H "Accept: application/json" \
 -H "content-Type: application/json" \
 -H "X-Api-Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" \
 -d "{\"recipient\":{\"to\":\"33600000000\"},\"body\":{\"text\":\"message\"}}"

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Discover our customers' smart, high-performance mobile campaigns and learn from their experiences.

"Push notifications and SMS:
we do both. Messages we consider a little less important are sent as push notifications, the most critical as SMS."
Olivier Martin,
CTO, Virtuo

"I particularly appreciate the relationship.
smsmode© evolves its product, is reactive to disruptions or changes in legislation... We're constantly exchanging ideas. Beyond the criteria for choosing a provider, it's important to make a long-term commitment, and this is the case with smsmode©."

Thomas Grobost,
Product Manager Doctolib

"The use of SMS is quite simple in itself. Using an SMS API meets all the needs and challenges of a structure like ours. "

Olivier Cauvin,
CTO, Skello

"SMS is relevant because of its speed and efficiency. It's the fastest, easiest way to contact tenants without disturbing them. "

Péguy Clairet,
Habitat de la Vienne account manager

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