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Plugins and SMS connectors

Communicate by mobile message with your users and customers from your favorite tools. Find the SMS extension that's right for you from our suite of plugins designed for all your mailings and campaign types: marketing, notification, single-use code...

Our SMS plugins

All the benefits of an SMS campaign directly in your tools

Make the Google calendar your appointment reminder solution.

This SMS module integrates appointment, reservation or event reminders directly into your account calendars. Connection to our service takes just a few clicks (see tutorial). A no-limit extension that you can link to several calendars.

Make your CRM omnichannel by adding a mobile messaging option.

An ideal plugin for all your mailings, from notifications to mass advertising campaigns and marketing automations.

Adjustable incoming and outgoing flows, complete control directly from Adobe Campaign and simple 2-step configuration: your account manager. smsmode© When you're finished setting up your account, you enter the parameters transmitted to Adobe Campaign, and that's it.

Engage your customers on the right channel from your AI-driven CRM.

A fully plug&play plugin suitable for all types of use: advertising campaigns, transactional, notifications, one-to-one single code... they can all be seamlessly integrated into your automation scenarios. Thanks to an intuitive integrated message editor, access to Sender ID personalization or emoji support (unicode SMS), manage your SMS messages entirely from your CRM, and enrich the mobile experience and customer data.

An SMS gateway that can be integrated with Eloqua campaign templates or workflows.

Our Oracle connector is built to handle the routing of multi-million SMS campaigns, as well as the prioritization of trigger marketing messages. Easy drag-and-drop integration of this "Action" module, which lets you manage all trigger parameters (date and time of sending, contact bases concerned, etc.) from your version of Oracle.

Add SMS to 5000+ applications: WordPress, Freshdesk, Airtable...

Benefit from an API service that requires no technical knowledge, and trigger scenarios including SMS, text & voice in just a few clicks. Integrate workflows in which an action on your web service, application or CRM triggers our SMS service. Select your triggers and actions by drag & drop.

Over 5,000 interconnection possibilities are available: CMS and e-commerce platforms (Magento, WordPress and Woocommerce, Shopify...), payment solutions (Stripe PayPal, Quonto, etc.), CRMs and ERPs (HubSpot CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, TrackVia, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Freshdesk, etc.) and many more.

Give your sales force an extra tool for winning deals.

This extension is based on the synchronization of Pipedrive activities with your calendar. Configure the Google Calendar SMS plugin to automate the sending of a message based on an event, and your sales team now has an efficient way to send appointment reminders, meeting reminders and other notifications to customers linked to Pipedrive activities by SMS.

Automated scenarios including SMS from your HubSpot account.

Integrate powerful SMS leverage into your automations to notify or communicate with your customers. Our plugin smsmode© is very complete and can be integrated into all types of automation, from your transactions, contact records, company records and HubSpot workflows. Installation in 3 easy steps:

Select our plugin on the HubSpot marketplace, create your account smsmode© from the page that appears, configure it if necessary and you're ready to integrate a powerful channel into your strategy.

Give your online store a high-performance channel with maximum reach.

SMS webhook smsmode© allows you to integrate SMS into your Klaviyo workflows, but also from Klaviyo extensions that can be integrated into WooCommerce, WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, etc. SMS is a powerful way to reach your customers personally and immediately. Easily set up automations for marketing (welcome offers, promotions, private sales, coupons, new product announcements, etc.) as well as for notification (order, shipping or delivery confirmation, purchase tracking, customer relations and service, etc.).

Our connectors

API-like integration solutions with no development required

Benefits of mobile messaging

Join smsmode© in one click

Easy plugin installation from your tool's marketplace, or in just a few simple steps thanks to step-by-step tutorials.

No installation costs or additional operating costs

Pay only the cost of the messages sent, and benefit from full support from our experts.

Connect to CRM and ERP systems

Save time by managing the creation and dispatch of your campaigns directly from the application. Automate your workflows in just a few clicks.

All on-board mobile messaging

Send not only SMS, but also WhatsApp, Voice or RCS messages, and benefit from all the functionalities. smsmode©.

Want to go further than a plugin?

Integrate our SMS API and make mobile messaging a
feature of your web application.

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