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Mobile messaging for human resources

Quickly staff a position and efficiently notify your colleagues (on-call, leave, travel...) with the fastest, most effective communication lever.



How to fill jobs 2x faster with SMS

Find out how Mediflash brilliantly automated SMS text messaging to notify its network of caregivers of job openings.


How to simplify schedule management with SMS

Find out how Skello has reinvented the way managers and employees exchange information, thanks to SMS notifications.

Speed up your recruitment,
communicate effectively and securely

Get your offers out quickly

Send a personalized SMS, including essential information about a job and a link to the full advert, to your candidates segmented by profile.

Enormous time savings

A fluid, fast and automated way to propose assignments

An effective practice in the interim sector.

and appointment reminders

Drastically reduce absences. With an online appointment calendar, SMS allows you to automatically create unmissable reminders.

Avoid manual reminders

Notify us of any change in schedule or location

Increase interview participation rates

Secure access to online tools for your employees

The development of teleworking has created a growing need for security, particularly for online business platforms. SMS OTP identity verification meets this need.

A way to prevent 99% of automated attacks

A layer of security in addition to the simple login + password duo

An SMS OTP for everyone.

communication with candidates

Don't miss out on the perfect communication profile. On the move, in a meeting or at the office, your candidate receives information with certainty.

A discreet way to keep candidates informed

A message 8x more likely to be read than an email

Better memory retention

Speed up your recruitment process

Put your candidates at the top of the list

SMS is universal and has a far greater reach than any other communication channel (98% open rate). When contacting candidates to fill a position, you need to be sure that your message will be read. SMS is therefore the preferred choice. It offers great agility and speed, enabling you to fill 61% of your assignments in less than an hour. (smsmode© X mediflash)

A modular, efficient solution

smsmode© offers you a a tailor-made solution that adapts to your level of maturity and supports your growth. Whether you want to manage your operations simply, integrate SMS with a CRM or build a messaging solution that's totally integrated with your system, there's a solution for you.

A cloud-based platform that's quick and easy to use, so you can send SMS messages easily and efficiently, without any development.

A suite of plugins and connectors to integrate SMS in just a few clicks with your CRM, ERP or any other Zapier "no code" application.

Complete, high-performance integration of mobile messaging into your system thanks to our Rest APIs or

An experienced HRTech team

smsmode© supports numerous solutions in the human resources sector on a daily basis. Our experts can help you choose the right products and services for your mobile messaging needs.

For human resources,
SMS makes the difference


An impactful, universal message that can be automated and is almost certainly open: a recruiter's dream.
  • Notify candidates of a new assignment
  • Speed up recruitment
  • Reducing absenteeism at appointments

Schedule management

A direct, actionable communication tool for your department.
  • Manage employee availability in the event of absence
  • Validation of leave requests
  • Transmit information efficiently in a department

Accounting management

An SMS that integrates perfectly with your billing system to optimize your payroll management
  • Facilitate the transmission or electronic signature of documents
  • Reduce your accounting department's workload.
  • Take advantage of SMS open rates (98%) to make sensitive documents unmissable


An automatic identity verification solution for peace of mind at every sensitive stage of your business.
  • Securely sign a document electronically
  • Validating identity at a key stage
  • Securing remote connections
Boost your human resources management now