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Integrate a message with maximum impact into your CRM

Take advantage of SMS within the CRM leader in inbound marketing: HubSpot. Diversify channels to send the right message at the right time and boost your marketing, sales and customer service strategies. Send personalized, one-off or mass SMS messages directly from your workflows, thanks to a fully integrated plugin.

hubspot sms plugin


The Hubspot SMS Connector by smsmode©

360° SMS plugin

From HubSpot transactions, contact records, company records and workflows, SMS is just a click away. SMS functionality is perfectly integrated into the HubSpot interface, making the user experience intuitive and fun.

CRM connection expert

smsmode© has developed numerous plugins in direct collaboration with the CRM development teams. Our support and developers offer complete guidance, from implementation to day-to-day use of the plugin.

Security and confidentiality partner

The entire platform smsmode© is ISO 27001/27701 certified and holds the Privacy Tech label. These distinctions demonstrate our total commitment to protecting our customers' personal data, as well as that of our customers' customers.

Harness the power of recipient segmentation.

Send targeted SMS messages to boost customer engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Advantages of the HubSpot SMS plugin

Communicate, convert and build loyalty with SMS, directly from your HubSpot transactions, business cards and workflows.
Automate every message and use SMS to distribute special offers, promotions, surveys, notices or notifications.

with your customers' expectations without leaving your CRM. Manage exchanges with your customers directly from your HubSpot shared inbox, and reply to messages in real time for a fluid conversation with your contacts.

And therefore your revenues, and improved customer satisfaction.

effective and direct (90% open rate, 45% response rate).

by automating message delivery based on contact behavior, profile or status. Set up automated workflows to trigger SMS messages according to pre-defined criteria, such as event registration, order confirmation, cart abandonment or form completion.

for a coherent multi-channel strategy. By orchestrating exchanges via email, social networks and SMS, you can support your customers at every stage of their journey, from prospecting to loyalty building.

A "consent" property is created in all contact records, and contacts who have sent a "STOP SMS" are automatically unsubscribed.

such as name, date or product. Offer a tailor-made experience by adapting your message to the specific needs of each customer. 

with links and media to intensify engagement. Customize
sender, dynamic fields, short URLs and more. Schedule your mailings for specific times and easily add unsubscribe notices.

Use autoresponder and interaction functionality for an enhanced user experience, encouraging customer engagement and decision-making.

automatically recorded in contact records, giving you a global view of each interaction (read, click and conversion rates).

Add a personalized communication to create with each of your contacts.

Book your call for a smooth, efficient integration in just a few minutes.




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