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Mobile messaging
for financial services

Streamline customer communications, protect against fraud and secure your applications with an ISO 27001-certified partner.



SMS at the heart of electronic signatures

Discover how Oodrive capitalizes on the power of SMS to authenticate, accelerate and streamline the dematerialization of signatures.

Secure your application
and streamline your customer experience


Secure your customers' transactions and reduce the risk of theft, identity theft or fraudulent transfers.

Securely confirm virtual card transactions

Securing your customers' data and savings

Increase customer confidence


Sign, finalize the opening of an account, confirm a transfer or a connection automatically. Boost support with a high-performance Chatbot.

Reduce support costs and workload with a Chatbot available 24/7

Faster authentication and validation processes

Electronic signature with probative value (using OTP)

Secure, automatic document dispatch


Offer your customers the possibility of receiving information on their account status, without logging in or using an application. Avoid missed appointments.

Optimize advisor time and reduce time-consuming confirmation calls

Information on transactions, withdrawals, transfers, new bank card, loan approval, account balance...

Personalized customer experience


Keep your customers informed in real time from an unmissable channel, and reduce the number of calls your advisors have to make.

Notify us of any high-impact event, such as a ceiling overrun, overdraft or suspected fraud.

Increase customer satisfaction and recognition

Building a caring relationship

Improve your customers' financial independence

Choose the digital digital security

The telephone number is a legal guarantee of identity

It's not just connections and transactions that can be secured by SMS OTP. These single-use codes received on a personal telephone number can be used to verify the identity of users. They therefore protect access to sensitive actions and information, and above all validate an electronic signature (SMS OTP provides an equal guarantee of the signatory's identity and the integrity of the signed document). Protect your business and boost user confidence with SMS OTP.

A secure, compliant system, ideal for Fintech

Benefit from a mailing platform that meets all your confidentiality and security requirements.

100% RGPD compliant, and equipped with a security policy in line with the highest standards in force (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HDS).

Boost customer relations with
. mobile messaging

Discover the benefits smsmode©

Stay in touch in all circumstances

Engage with your customers at the right time, in the right place, under any conditions. SMS can reach anyone, anywhere, giving your customers the ability to bank anywhere.

Adopt proactive communication

Got a deadline looming? Help your customers keep an eye on it. Send updates, transfer confirmations, feedback and other useful notifications to anticipate your customers' needs.

Secure your environment

Keep your customers safe with two-factor authentication, informing them of any suspicious activity with account alerts on their preferred channels. Prevent fraud with smooth, secure OTP verification.

Boost your customer relations

Engage throughout the customer journey. Build lasting relationships right from onboarding with automated scenarios, boost customer service with rich, personalized engagement powered by customer data.

Multi-channel engagement

Increase engagement and conversions with real-time conversations and rich, personalized messaging campaigns on your customers' preferred channel.

All your communications,
secure and unified

Notification, authentication, customer relations, collections... Take advantage of SMS, a versatile channel for reducing calls, costs and pressure on support, while improving customer satisfaction. From one-time passwords to personalized conversations: manage all your messaging needs from a unified platform.
Build your own infrastructure and implement mobile messaging with our APIs.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use SaaS platform to send SMS messages easily and efficiently, without any development work.

Choose one of our plugins to integrate SMS in just a few clicks with your CRM, ERP or any other Zapier-coded application.

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