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Secure your environment with SMS OTP

Get a simple, universal means of two-factor authentication with SMS OTP. Benefit from a sending service dedicated exclusively to SMS OTP, and guarantee instant receipt of the unique code to ensure smooth operation of this SMS user authentication.


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Authenticate a mobile number when creating an account
Authentication SMS OTP API
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Verify a signatory's identity via cell phone
Authentication SMS OTP API
A One Time Password sent by SMS is generated for ONE signatory and for ONE contract. The signatory must re-enter this code on the contract. It is this precise action that is the legal basis for consent in the case of a remote signature.
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What is SMS OTP?

SMS OTP or SMS "One Time Password" is a message containing a unique 6-digit code that enables two-factor two-factor authentication via SMS. Best known for verifying online payments, this SMS can also be used to protect sensitive customer data, secure connections to applications, validate an electronic signature, or even verify a user's identity during registration. It adds a second authentication factor: the verification of a person's identity by what they possess (their phone). The SMS OTP is the essential link in 2FA (2 factors authentication), also known as "two-factor identification" or "multi-factor authentication" (MFA). The code contained in the message adds a layer of security to online customer actions, filling the gaps left by traditional static passwords.

A dedicated SMS OTP platform

SMS OTP leader since 2004

smsmode© offers a dedicated channel for SMS OTP routing. An optimal solution for France and more than 155 countries for user authentication by code via SMS.

Reception in less than 10 seconds

With an OTP channel channel and constant traffic monitoring, SMS Token deliverability is guaranteed. It takes less than ten seconds in 95% of cases.

24/7 technical support

Our support team is on hand to help you integrate SMS Token verification. From API parameters to the use of OTP code in your various services and applications.

The advantages of using SMS OTP

SMS authentication is ideal for the healthcare, banking and e-commerce sectors. It has a wide range of applications: validation of a cell phone number, authentication of access to remote systems, electronic signature, access to a personal space, an e-learning portal or confidential data, etc.

Recognized performance

The unique SMS confirmation code prevents 99% of automatic intrusion attempts (malware, phishing, replay attacks, etc.). It also adds probative value to an electronic signature, prevents identity theft, fraud and hacking attempts, and protects online payments. What's more, the very limited lifetime of this SMS password (just a few minutes) gives it an extra level of security.

Easy to use

OTP functionality can be integrated quickly and easily using our SMS API. SMS OTP can be implemented in all types of technical environments and application programming languages (Windev, PHP, ASP, C++, Ruby, etc.). Flexible and without obligation, the installation method for our SMS API is maintenance-free and fully documented.

Low operating costs

The technique of automatically generating an alphanumeric code via your verify web application is cost-effective. Our API is available with no installation fees (all our APIs are open source), no activation fees and no account set-up fees - only the cost of SMS messages sent. Secure all users with a low-cost, effective verification method. 

The uses of the verification code

SMS OTP can be used by all companies and users of different services 

2 factors authentication

This is the main use of SMS OTP, authorizing access thanks to a unique code received on the user's telephone number.

Electronic signature

The electronic signature has evidential value thanks to the user's cell phone number, confirming the identity of the signatory.

Lead qualification

Checking user numbers on registration performs an initial sorting. Registered prospects are more likely to become customers.

Online payment

This verification method continues to be used by professional online banks to check cell phone numbers without an application. 


SMS channel: the right solution for 2FA

Our "best practices" guide will help you implement 2FA authentication.

Adopt the SMS OTP solution from smsmode©

With 20 years' experience in the sending professional SMS in bulk or individually, smsmode© has over 10,000 customers and a monthly volume of several million SMS messages. A specialist in SMS OTP, our Gateway offers priority routing of passwords by SMS.

ISO 27001 & 27701 partner

The smsmode© system is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified, demonstrating our total commitment to security and confidentiality. 

Real-time performance

Using alert systems and 24/7 monitoring. Our team monitors the deliverability of OTP SMS dispatches on our dedicated channel.

Direct routing to French and international operators

smsmode© is a member of GIE-EGP and has the status of ARCEP telecom operator. Our SMS service is operator direct. We provide high-priority back-up routes to maintain unrivalled performance.

Maximum security and data encryption

Hosted redundantly in 2 level 4 data centers in France, our gateway offers maximum security for your shipments. Through its RGPD approach, smsmode© guarantees the security of its applications and the protection of your personal data.

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