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The SMS or SMS Token "One Time Password" (or OTP) is known to secure online payments made by credit card. But this strong SMS authentication also makes it possible to secure the private data of users, to secure connections to applications or to check when registering the identity of a new user. The purpose of the SMS OTP? Propose a simple and compatible way of authentication with a mobility situation (via a simple GSM). It will act in place of the traditional password or in addition to it.

To go through SMsmode for the SMS OTP is to receive a service sending SMS Pro with a channel dedicated exclusively to the SMS Token. The guarantee that 97% of the messages are received in less than 1 minute to ensure the proper functioning of this strong authentication.


Leader in Sending SMS TokenA leading SMS OTP since 2004

smsmode proposes, with a channel dedicated to the routing of SMS OTP, an optimal solution to France as well as more 155 countries for SMS authentication.

Delivery time of the text message guaranteedA reception in less than one minute

With routing on a dedicated priority channel and increased traffic monitoring, SMS tokens receive a 97% deliverability guarantee in less than one minute.

French and English technical support teamTechnical Support 24/7

Our support team is at your disposal to help you integrate the SMS Token and OTP parameters into your account or to answer yourquestions.

What are the benefits of using the SMS token?

SMS authentication adapts to domains and sectors such as banking, health, e-commerce. It also corresponds to countless cases of applications (validation and certification of a mobile number, authentication of access to remote systems, access to a personal space, an e-learning portal or a portal of access to data Confidential, etc.).

Sending SMS tokens for strong SMS authentication

By using a SMS Token solution, there are several advantages:

  • An approved performance
    The primary purpose of the SMS Token remains security. Indeed, much used to add a degree of security to the actions carried out online, the SMS Token technique — also called "Dual Factor Identification" (2FA) or "Multifactor authentication" (MFA) — helps to fill the gaps associated with Traditional static passwords. The SMS code of unique confirmation allows to avoid intrusions, identity thefts, attempts of fraud or piracy (malware, malware, phishing, attacks by replay, etc.). Moreover, the very limited lifetime of this password sent by SMS (only minutes) gives it an additional level of security.
  • Easy to implement
    Easily and quickly integrates with our SMS API, the SMS Token implementation adapts to all types of technical environments and programming languages of your application (Windev, PHP, ASP, C++, Ruby, etc.). Flexible and without commitment, the installation of our SMS APIs does not require any special maintenance.
  • Low operating cost
    The technique of automatically generating an alphanumeric code via your application or website is cost-effective. Without installation fees (our APIs are open source), activation fees or account opening fees, only the cost of the SMS sent will be charged.


And the validation of the user's identity


Validating the identity of the utisateur on the platform

Leader in France of the beauty reservation, is a wellness platform specialised in hairdressing and aesthetics. This company has trusted us to integrate the SMS OTP. When a new customer is registered, her identity and phone number are verified by sending an SMS to his mobile phone.


Why adopt the SMS OTP solution from smsmode©?

With an experience of nearly 15 years in the sending of professional SMS by mass or unit, SMsmode has more than 10 000 active accounts for a monthly sending volume exceeding one million SMS sent. The SMS OTP specialist, our Gateway offers all the necessary guarantees for SMS password priority routing, namely:

  • guaranteed deliverability in less than 1 minute: the guarantee that more than 97% of your messages will be received in less than 1 minute thanks to a prioritized channel and only dedicated to this type of consignment.
  • real-time monitoring of bandwidth performance using alert systems and 24-hour and 7d-7 monitoring. Our team monitors in real time the deliverability of SMS OTP shipments on our dedicated channel.
  • Direct routing to french and international operators: registered as a telecom operator in mobile communicationand member of the GIE-EGP, the traffic passing through our SMS sending service is en route direct operator. smsmode also provides high priority back-up routes to maintain an unsurpassed performance.
  • maximum security: hosted on a Level 4 data-center located in France, our gateway offers a maximum level of security for your text messages. Similarly, via its GDPR approach, SMsmode guarantees you the security of its applications and the protection of personal data. At the heart of these concerns: Data encryption and the minimization of user data imported into our SMS platform.


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