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Integrate a free

A free SMS API lets you set up an SMS gateway to send SMS messages directly from a software or application solution. By integrating SMS sending requests into the heart of your algorithms, you can automate the sending, reception and control of SMS messages from your website or business software.

Integrate SMS sending into your applications with our SMS API! Accessible to all developers, it is documented function by function in the technical documentation.


The free SMS API at a glance

Detailed documentation

The documentation provided is comprehensive and free of charge, making integration quick, easy and step-by-step.

Maximum safety

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, our SMS APIs guarantee maximum security.

Continuous service

Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure is continuously monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

technical support

Our dedicated team of developers is available to help you integrate our APIs or answer your questions.

The benefits of our SMS APIs

Extended functionalities

Our free SMS API provides you with all the functions you need to sending SMS via the Internet automated, in bulk or individually (address book management, campaign send date, type of SMS sent, acknowledgement of receipt, response management, sender personalization, etc.).

A flexible, efficient solution

As soon as you set up our free SMS API, you'll be able to send professional SMS messages to over 500 networks worldwide, benefit from maximum deliverability to all operators, as well as manage messages, responses and reports with real-time notifications.

A direct operator connection

ARCEP-certified operator, smsmode© ensures that messages are delivered to operators without intermediaries, managing traffic peaks, routing and any disruptions. Our SMS Gateway as all our SMS services are monitored 24/7 with an approved alert system.


Developer documentation

All our API requests are described in our documentation to integrate the sending and receiving of SMS, the management of contact lists, receipt reports, and so on.

A solution without installation costs and no commitment

Downloading our HTTP API or our REST API, the SMS gateway to our SMS sending service, is self-service. There are no charges or subscriptions for integration; only usage (SMS cost) will be billed, depending on the destination and type of SMS selected (please refer to the " SMS pro ", " SMS voice " and " Unicode " range specifications).

All you have to do is open a free customer account on the smsmode© website, and your account will be credited as you need it.
If you would like to integrate our SMS API, please contact one of our developers without delay.

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