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Send SMS via Internet

Would you like to integrate SMS into your marketing plan? Manage and control the sending of messages to hundreds or thousands of customers on their cell phones? Automate the "send messages" functionality directly from your website, application or business software? Create a close relationship with your customers by integrating an Internet SMS application into your communication tools and software.


Internet SMS performance

There are many advantages to sending professional bulk SMS messages from a web-based solution. Reach your customers directly on their phones and be memorable, thanks to a universal service (iPhone, Android or older phones).  

click-through rate for SMS

The message SMS marketing has nothing to envy of other online advertising channels, and offers impressive performance in a drive to web strategy.  

read rate of an SMS campaign

That's a read rate that can't be beaten by email or push notifications. With online SMS, you can be sure that the message you send will be received and read.

average time to open an SMS message

This immediacy makes SMS a medium with maximum reach, particularly suited to mass or real-time communications. SMS offers direct contact with your contacts.

A simple, high-performance SMS campaign management tool

Online services for sending and receiving marketing marketing services are widely adopted by professionals. They enable all businesses, from SMEs to international groups, to benefit from extremely simple, flexible and high-performance online mobile marketing solutions. Whether you want to send mass messages or notify your customers of an appointment, our web platform adapts to your needs. Scheduling can be managed from your customer area, from a plugin like Google Calendar, or via API.

Send SMS from a web interface

A 4-point overview of the advantages of SMS communication with smsmode©.

Manage your campaigns

Via our website, SMS plugins or API, you can manage your mobile messaging and voicemail campaigns simply with a computer and an Internet connection. Sending and receiving SMS messages is fully configurable, and you get a fully-featured application for sending SMS messages.

Universal media

Sending SMS via ensures that the message is delivered without compatibility problems by all telephone operators, and that it is correctly read, whether on Android, iPhone, smartphone or an older generation cell phone. What's more, the solution works with or without an Internet connection.

Guaranteed quality

SMS sending expert in France, smsmode© is a long-standing SMS service recognized as a telecom operator by ARCEP. The application is connected directly to mobile operators in France and around the world. Our online tools and services guarantee maximum message delivery quality.

A no-obligation offer

Opt for our SMS sending services and benefit from a secure customer account with a host of free advantages. You'll only pay for the SMS you send, by purchasing packs in advance, or you can benefit from a subscription based on your sending volumes. Open your account now smsmode© and test our SMS solution!

10 best practices for a successful SMS campaign

Take advantage of our white paper on best practices in professional SMS messaging to discover the essential elements of a successful mobile marketing campaign and many tips for integrating SMS into your communication.

sms online best practices

Opt for a dedicated quality service for sending messages over the Internet

Send your communications via SMS, but also by instant messaging, MMS, TTS, and RCS while benefiting from a high-quality network en route direct to operators all over the world.

text alert

Access a simple, intuitive mailing platform

Carry out SMS marketing campaigns from a web browser via our platform's customer area, and view all SMS reception statistics (acknowledgement of receipt available SMS by SMS) as well as the SMS responses you receive from your message recipients.

Discover advanced functionalities

Implement our APIs Rest and Mail

Send SMS via Internet directly from your website, application, business software or e-mail. Access easily-integrated queries to trigger web SMS sending and replies. SMS APIs designed to be the most complete and easiest to use.

Create your free account

Try out our SMS platform and get 20 free test credits, with no obligation.

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