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SMS appointment reminder

The SMS appointment reminder is a great way to reduce the percentage of missed appointments and thus optimize the management of its online calendar and its daily schedule, to save time, to better organize the appointment, to improve productivity and The service delivered.

When you are faced with a high rate of missed appointments, consider the SMS appointment reminder. Indeed, sending the SMS reminder of online appointment is an innovative solution increasingly used to improve its online diary and to remind the appointments to its clients and patients; Its effectiveness is no longer to prove.


4 times less missed appointmentsThis is the result found on the
Missed appointments following the sending of SMS!

Excellent Way to confirm an appointment and manage its online diary, sending SMS reminder is a simple and extremely effective way to combat absences (absenteeism rate divided on average by 4).

Reading rate of 95%That's the rate of SMS
that are read!

You can be sure that your SMS-appointment Reminder message will be received and read by the majority of your recipients! What other channel of communication can do the same?

85%It is the number of people
Who are approving the informative SMS

Particularly acclaimed by users, more than 4 out of 5 people accept and wish to receive text messages of a useful and informative nature, including appointment reminders.

Why use the SMS appointment reminder?

Reminder appointment by SMS

  • the most effective reminder: in just a few clicks, you send from your online diary an appointment reminder message which, in 95 to 98% of the cases, will be read within 4 minutes after its receipt. Simple and efficient, you gain valuable time in managing your online appointments.
  • a customizable message adapted to your needs: The SMS offers you multiple features of personalization of the message: insertion of variables (name, first name, etc.), customizable sender, setting of the date and time of sending, etc.
  • the possibility to confirm with an SMS reply: insert in your message "Confirm your appointment by answering yes to 36034" and you will receive directly confirmation of the appointment of your client. Clever!

SMS for the medical and para-medical sectorMedical and para-medical professions

Care and beauty sectorBeauty and Care sector

Public sectorAdministration and Public sector

SMS for business and serviceBusiness and services

Dealers and GaragesDealers and Garages

Secretarial and call centresSecretariat and Tele-secretariat

Which applications to use?

smsmode© offers several solutions for sending SMS adapted to the appointment reminder:

  • Partner Appointment management software with which we have established a partnership and which integrate the SMS sending functionality directly into their interface. Thus, all these calendar software offers a complete management solution of the online appointment taking as well as the sending of automatic SMS before the date of the appointment. Among them, we count:


Sending SMS Doctor MobikapSending Doctor SMS with OrtholeaderOrthalisActibaseGlobal ImagingSending SMS with OptimagSMS Optician Alert with Alpha visionSMS Alert Optician OptimumSMS proopticSMS Optician mgss2iSoftware making appointment first timeSoftware solution for maintenance, appointments and after-sales service managementTherasoft, mental health Software: Therapy notes, clinical evaluations, treatment planner and appointment reminder

  • the "SMS Google Calendar" module allows you to add automated SMS sending functionality from the events noted in your Google Calendar. This allows you to make your Google calendar a real tool for professional calendaring and online appointment making. The realization of SMS sending with Google calendar is simply parameterised from our platform and offers you many possibilities: message management, setting of the custom transmitter, programming of the time of sending, consultations of Received replies or receipt statistics, etc.


Appointment Reminder Texting Services

Google Calendar SMS Module Documentation


All the steps to integrate SMS sending from Google calendar

Downloadable free of charge, our documentation describes precisely all the steps to add the functionality of reminders of appointments and reminders of reservations via SMS from Google Calendar.


SMS Appointment reminder with smsmode©

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Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions about the use of the SMS and to help you to set up the reminder solution by SMS on your calendar pro.