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SMS appointment appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders are an excellent way to reduce the percentage of missed appointments and optimize your day-to-day diary or schedule. Save time and organize appointment scheduling easily with software that enhances your company's productivity and activates reminders appreciated by customers and patients.


Why use SMS appointment reminders?

Faced with a high rate of forgotten appointments, SMS appointment reminders are a highly effective solution for improving your online diary.

The most effective reminder

In just a few clicks, you can send an appointment reminder message from your online calendar. Unlike e-mail, 95% of these reminders are read within 4 minutes of receipt. This saves you time in managing your appointments.

Personalized message tailored to your needs

SMS offers you multiple message personalization features: variable insertion (name, first name, etc.), customizable senderdate and time settings, etc.

Confirmation by SMS response

Insert in your message "confirm your appointment by answering YES to 36034", and the information filled in by your customers will be automatically forwarded to your calendar or customer area.  


Online SMS appointment reminders are used in many sectors to reduce customer and patient absenteeism.

How do I send SMS appointment reminders?

smsmode© offers several solutions for sending SMS suitable for appointment reminders :

Partner appointment management software

which integrate SMS functionality directly into their interface. All these agenda software packages offer a complete solution for managing online appointments, as well as for automatic SMS notification before the appointment date. These include :

SMS module
Google Calendar

Set up your calendar to send automated SMS messages a few hours before the appointments you've entered. This online diary solution combines Google Calendar with our SMS sending service, for free SMS appointment reminders. Our SMS plugin is free of charge and without obligation.) It's a complete platform for professional appointment notification via a message on the customer's/patient's cell phone: management of message text, sender, programming of sending time, consultation of responses received or reception statistics, etc.


All the steps to integrate the appointment reminder by SMS from Google calendar

Our free documentation precisely describes all the steps involved in adding appointment reminders and SMS booking reminders to Google Calendar.

google calendar reminder

SMS appointment reminders

Key figures

read rate of SMS

You can be sure that your SMS reminders will be read by your customers. It's this open rate that sets SMS apart from other communication channels such as e-mail, whether for information or marketing.

missed appointments

This is the result of sending SMS reminders. With this appointment reminder solution, every company can improve appointment scheduling. SMS appointment confirmations are an effective way to combat missed appointments (doctors experience 1 to 5 per week). 

of people satisfied with SMS notification

Your customers want informative SMS messages. More than 4 out of 5 people want to receive useful and informative SMS messages, especially appointment reminders. More personal and remarkable than an e-mail, SMS enables a close relationship and a personalized link with each of your contacts.

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