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SMS Solutions

SMS is an essential solution for mobile communications. Whether it's for marketing, notification or security, an SMS solution offers a host of advantages, enabling you to reach your customers directly on their favorite object: their phone. For all these reasons, more and more companies are turning to professional SMS software. The challenge is to choose the best software for sending SMS campaigns. 


The performance of SMS solutions

SMS is a service that offers many advantages in a marketing strategy, particularly when compared with emailing or other advertising media.

revenue for every €1 invested in SMS

Sending an SMS message costs up to 10 times less than a traditional mass marketing campaign, display or ads, and has an average ROI of 400%. 

read rate of an SMS campaign

Email, push notifications or instant messaging, no other sending service achieves such a high read rate. Sending SMS gives you the virtual certainty that the message you send will be read by your customer.  

average time to open an SMS message

SMS is a medium with maximum reach, but it's also instantaneous. An SMS campaign, even a mass onecreates a direct relationship with your contacts.

What kind of SMS send?

Offers, invitations or advertising

A highly effective marketing tool, SMS is used by advertisers to send advertising messages, promotional offers and personalized messages to cell phones.

Customized notifications

A widespread customer relations practice, notification messages can be used to inform customers of the progress of an order, confirm the availability of a product or a reservation...

Appointment confirmations or reminders

A communication service that can cut missed appointments by a factor of 4. SMS is an excellent way of confirming an appointment and reminding people of its date (very useful for the medical professions).

Maximum-range alerts

SMS is an ideal tool for broadcasting important or urgent messages (crisis communication, flood, traffic, weather alerts, etc.). It's the perfect universal solution for your alerts.


Product overview smsmode©

The different channels and their advantages, our plugins for marketing automation campaigns, our developer tools, our software... it's all there.  

Which SMS solutions to use?

The ideal solution or software may change according to customer needs. smsmode© offers several types of SMS solutions on its platform, for a service tailored to you.


From the platform, by API or via a plug-in, you can send messages immediately and take advantage of a wide range of features: customizable sender, report, long message, international dispatch, response reception... Our platform integrates easily with your software, enabling you to boost your customer relations and mass mobile marketing campaigns.

Voice Message (TTS)

It lets you send mass voice messages to landlines or mobiles. Acknowledgement and playback functions are included, and you can transmit up to 35 seconds of audio message. An effective solution for sending critical alert messages or reaching a wider audience. It's one of the professional sending tools offering numerous advantages for far-reaching corporate communication. 

Services smsmode©

Our SMS sending solutions are suitable for all types of professional SMS sending. Our SMS software for companies, associations and institutions enables you to send SMS at the best price, from our online SaaS SMS platform, via a plugin integrated into your software (marketing or customer relations), or using one of the APIs in our environment.

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