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The SMS alert is an SMS which aims to disseminate and notify urgent and important information in real time and possibly automatically. Accessible in all circumstances, the SMS message on mobile phones is proving to be an essential tool during emergency periods.

Simple, economical and extremely efficient Solution, the SMS allows to communicate on the mobile phone of your recipients in a fast, instantaneous, reliable and efficient way and thus inform and transmit alerts without delay in crisis situation , emergency, etc. Whether it is to inform a single person or an extended contact base, the SMS alert remains the most powerful tool, whether from a point of view of the instantaneousness of sending and receiving the message, or its reading rate. Do not wait any longer, set up your SMS alert system that can adapt to each of your business problems...


Sending and receiving in real timeSending your message
is done in real time!

Our SMS-sending services are available 24/7 and 24/7 regardless of where you are located; They allow you tosend messages in a snapshot in order to inform your recipients in real time (usually the SMS is read within 4 minutes after its reception!).

Sending SMS alert in a few clicksManage the dissemination of information
In a few clicks!

Regardless of the number of recipients of your message, the setup of your free SMS alert campaign is done in just a few clicks! Composition and personalization of the message, possible setting of the transmitter, choice of the recipients, your message is ready to be sent in record time!

Visibility on receiving your alert messageBe assured that
His message was received!

An ultra-efficient means of communication, the SMS has a reading rate of about 95% (ideal for alerting your database) and each SMS receives an acknowledgement of receipt that is viewable directly in your client area. This allows you to quickly check that your SMS alert has been received by your recipients!

The different applications of the SMS alert

SMS is a communication solution that is ideal for professionals and institutions wishing to communicate with their customers in critical times. It finds many applications including:

Example of an alert SMS

  • sending an immediate and real-time alert following an event, disturbance, traffic info, weather, absence of student or teacher, etc.
  • access to a real-time information service ideal for transport services for example.
  • a reminder of an appointment to your clients and patients.
  • the sending of information related to the customer path by informing the arrival of an order, the availability of a product or the dispatch of a parcel.
  • the sending of a single password that allows to notify the connections or payments on line and thus ensure their security.
  • Technical Alerts to facilitate technical incidents and retrace alerts in real time.
  • Management of schedules, crises, etc.

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Professional services smsmode Sending SMS alert

In order to set up a warning system via SMS, smsmode offers complete SMS solutions and service adapted to each project:

  • a SaaS SMS platform for sending SMS with all the professional features for the autonomous realization of immediate sending of SMS campaign alert: Address Book management, message template recording, Opening rates, receipt reports, consultation and management of replies received, triggering of predefined actions, etc.
  • the sending of voice text messages that allows you to instantly send SMS alerts received in the form of voicemails. Their reception is also accompanied by a more insistent SMS ringtone, ideal for this type of application. The impact of the emergency message on the recipients is strengthened!
  • an HTTP API: thanks to the HTTP API, you have the possibility to integrate the SMS sending alert functionality directly into your external application (CRM, e-commerce site, mobile application, etc.). Sending SMS messages will be integrated directly into your application and can be triggered directly at pre-defined events.

Services for sending SMS in case of emergency

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Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about sending SMS alerts and to help you set up the SMS communication solution that is best suited to your problem.