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A software to send SMS from a computer is a solution developed to enable the delivery of SMS by mass or in a personalized and uniting, efficient and powerful.

Our SMS software offers you all the necessary features to set up your campaigns by SMS: parameterization of the message, import of customer numbers and precise programming of the sending. Platform accessible online, it does not require any pre-installation, and no fees or subscriptions are applied. SMsmode offers the most complete SMS-sending solution for professionals to enable them to better manage their promotional or information campaigns via SMS.


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& Free Trial

The use of our software to send SMS is without obligation and without subscription. When registering, you will benefit from a customer account with 20 free credits to test our SMS campaign service!

Self-service SMS sending toolSelf-service access
24h/24 7d/7

Our SMS Marketing Campaign management tool is available through an online platform accessible at any time and wherever you are from a computer, tablet, etc.

a very economical mediaA communication medium
at economic rates

By using our software solution to send SMS, you benefit from our rates which are among the most competitive on the market. Our different packs at declining rates, without validity period, adapts to your consumption and your needs.

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Software to send SMS for professionals

  • an easy to use and flexible solution: Our software to send SMS offers a practical, intuitive and complete interface! Only a few minutes are enough to touch your contacts. Whether you want to contact only one or more recipients, you just have to choose in a few clicks, on our SMS services, the options for sending SMS that suit you. This will allow you to forward and manage your professional SMS shipments from your customer space. Do not download any programs on your computer, everything happens via a Web service accessible from a simple browser at:!
  • a business application reference for sending SMS campaigns: Our global solution covers all the needs for the realization of SMS campaigns over the Internet. Any professional without prior knowledge required, can send and manage its SMS marketing and INFORMATIONEL operations in full autonomy and benefit from the very good performance of the SMS media in its communication.
  • a solution to the costs mastered: using a software to send SMS is to opt for an open source solution, without downloading, without subscription, without commitment and self-service, where you pay only the cost of sending SMS while being able Free full support The cost of your mobile SMS marketing campaigns is also quickly amortized thanks to the efficiency of the SMS channel and the associated ROI.


The software to send SMS, the benefits it provides

The software to send SMS that our company to developed, is the ideal marketing tool to exchange, on the mobile phone of your customers by SMS, at any time. These campaigns allow, among other things, to improve the customer relationship for more efficiency and responsiveness or to effectively promote services or products to prospects. Our services dedicated to the realization of professional marketing campaigns allow to manage in a complete way the sendings of SMS Pro and to invest the mobile communication thanks to:

  • full functionality: from importing contacts, creating groups in their Address book, automatically managing Unsubscribes, scheduling mailings, consulting and managing replies received, or creating models of Messages You have all the features you need to manage your campaigns in advance.
    Similarly, you have access to different types of SMS (SMS, SMS reply, TTS, etc.) as well as detailed statistics of each of your SMS shipments. They allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your SMS mailing in real time and help you improve your ROI.
  • adapted Payment formulas: you have the possibility to buy either packages of credits at declining rates and without a limited period of validity, or to benefit from a post-payment contract which allows you to be charged at the end of the month on your Actual consumption.
  • APIs from our software to send SMS: for your automated SMS shipments, you can integrate our SMS gateway, the HTTP API, or use our Mail2SMS API. These SMS services allow you to make automatic or simplified text messages from your existing systems, applications, or e-mail message.

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Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about our SMS send software and to take advantage of the advice of setting up your SMS campaigns! Feel free to contact one of our collaborators, our goal is the success of your marketing operation!