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MAIL to SMS: automated text messaging from email

Send SMS from your e-mail inbox with our mail to SMS gateway. A gateway offering all the features you need to set up your SMS dispatches: message settings, customer number import and precise dispatch programming. The mail to SMS gateway requires no prior installation - all you need is an email box.



Send SMS via an e-mail account

MAIL TO SMS lets you trigger SMS messages automatically by sending an email: there's no limit to the number of recipients you can send a message to, from your email inbox.

A service with many advantages

The biggest advantage of mail to SMS over SMS services services is its convenience and immediacy. No time-consuming account creation, no complex integration, just a few simple settings in your favorite email client and you're ready to send. Marketingmarketing, alerts, customer relations... the mail to SMS service makes it easy to reach your customers. 

Send messages easily at a service cost and an overall rate that's very attractive for your volume.

A complete module

SMS dispatch management via an e-mail account

Intuitive integration

smsmode© has a high-performance, easily accessible mail-to-SMS service. The solution mail2sms from our platform is free of charge and without obligation. Simply create an account on our platform, enter your API Mail address, recipient number and text, and you're ready to go! Creating an account and using the gateway are completely free of charge. 

Unlimited recipients

Send SMS to an unlimited number of phone numbers via your web mailbox. Manage and group your customers via your web account and benefit from 2 methods for sending your SMS: by text in your e-mails or by a CSV file attachment. Facilitate your mobile communication campaigns with the perfect combination of SMS and email solutions.

Sending and receiving solution

The mail to SMS module lets you use the functionalities of an SMS API in an accessible way. It's ideal for sending marketing messages, alerts and even polls and surveys, with its SMS user response functionality. You'll find the answers on our web platform, or at a URL selected by our team.

Module adapted to your messaging system

Whether it's a free or corporate mailbox, outlook, gmail, hotmail, roundcube, libremail... Our Gateway is supported. Our Gateway even works with the ecall device to send an alert to a connected vehicle. Send your messages to your customers' mobiles from all communication solutions and marketing tools.


All the steps to

set up SMS sending from email

Our documentation precisely describes all the parameters to be included in an e-mail to program the sending of SMS messages.

Our mail to SMS application

Maximum safety

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, our services are highly secure.

Continuous service

Our dedicated and high availability infrastructure is constantly monitored 24/7, 365 days/year.

Technical support

Our developers are available to help you integrate our APIs or answer your questions.

Create your free account

Try our SMS platform and benefit from 20 free test credits, with no obligation.

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