MAIL2SMS API for automated SMS sending.
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Mail to SMS: A service with multiple advantages


The mail to SMS feature allows you to trigger your SMS messages automatically by sending an email; the number of recipients is not limited and you can easily send the same message to a hundred or more people from your email box.


The advantages ofsending SMS via an e-mail account

The greatest advantage of the mail to SMS service compared to standard SMS is without doubt its practicality, particularly suited to call centres and professionals in contact with customers, while benefiting from a very attractive sending rate.
Moreover, for professionals, and especially those who frequently and/or regularly carry out marketing campaigns, the service mail to sms service, like all our services, is of particular interest. Indeed, if you frequently have tosend SMS or if you wish to set up a group solution, we can offer you a very attractive cost of service and a global rate for your sending volume. This will allow you to benefit from very interesting rates that you allocate to theintegration of SMS in your communication.

Mail API

  • simplified sending of SMS messages from an existing e-mail account
  • SMS communication possible from a computer or tablet
  • monitoring of sending status and statistics available in real time on your customer area

Mail2SMS API Documentation

smsmode©️, a service for sending SMS via an internet account

sMsmode has an efficient, effective, accessible and mail to SMS service that is efficient, effective, accessible and cost-effective. The mail to SMS solution on our platform is free of charge and without commitment; the creation of an account on this site is completely free. You will find on this site various SMS packages to suit your needs. Then, all you have to do is order your SMS packs and send them.

In addition, the number of recipients whensending an SMS via your internet mailbox can be as large as you wish. You can manage and group these recipients via your web account. This will facilitate your communication campaigns and allow you to easily manage your correspondence between SMS and emailing

The use of this mail to SMS service is very simple, as the functionalities of sMsmode are designed to makesending messages accessible to all categories of users and to all situations. On this platform you will find all the help you may need for the realisation of your communication or marketing solutions with SMS via internet.

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