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The SMS channel in a powerful marketing marketing automation

Our SMS plugin enables you to adopt a truly omnichannel marketing strategy. By integrating the smsmode© within Selligent Marketing Cloud, you engage your customers on the right channel at the right time, thanks to an AI-driven CRM focused on the mobile experience. SMS is a channel that integrates perfectly with your automations, ideal for reaching your customers in a personalized way.


The benefits of the Selligent SMS connector

The connector smsmode© you improves the customer experience by engaging your contacts in a personalized and personal way. By adding SMS to Selligent, you integrate the #1 channel in terms of open rates with an intelligent platform capable of automating communication.

bulk SMS marketing campaigns or transactional messages, notifications, unique codes, basket relaunches, etc., will be perfectly integrated into your scenarios and marketing mix.

to include our French, RGPD-compliant SMS routing system in one click.

with an intuitive message editor, access to Sender ID personalization and support for emojis (unicode SMS). SMS preview in a test environment gives you total control over your campaigns before they are routed.

(send SMS (MT) and receive SMS (MO)): with support for keyword-based incoming messages, you can automate sign-ups and unsubscriptions, responses to surveys, advertisements, or any other type of user response you can define.

individually or grouped by campaign, in your personal customer area smsmode©.

to automatically adapt all your scenarios, enriching the customer data in your CRM and the experience you offer them.

with our 99.99% uptime platform, monitored and supervised 24/7.

giving you access to a wide choice of long numbers or short codes adapted to each country.

The Selligent SMS connector by smsmode©

Intuitive, integrated plug-in

smsmode© has developed this plugin in direct collaboration with Selligent teams, so that SMS functionality is perfectly integrated into the CRM interface. The connector is easy and intuitive to use.

CRM connection expert

Support and developers experienced in setting up plugins for the vast majority of CRMs. Connectors adapted to SMS as well as to other mobile messaging channels (TTS, RCS, WhatsApp, Rich SMS...).

Security and confidentiality partner

smsmode© has always made security and confidentiality its top priorities. Our ISO 27001/27701 certifications and our Privacy Tech label are proof of our commitment to protecting personal data.



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