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The benefits of
SMS marketing for your sales

SMS marketing is the fastest and easiest way to reach your customers. Make your campaigns unmissable and easy to manage with our intuitive platform.


What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is simply a marketing campaign conducted by SMS. SMS marketing differs from social marketing or online marketing in that it is direct. Like mailing campaigns, SMS marketing is a form of opt-in marketing, which involves sending a promotional message to a contact base that has given its prior consent to receive an advertising offer.

SMS marketing can be an effective complement to online marketing, enabling you to reach customers and prospects more directly and instantly, with targeted and effective messages. Thanks to an SMS platform platform like ours, you can send your SMS messages simultaneously to an unlimited number of consumers. Your SMS campaign will be routed directly by our solution, from your account or application, to your customers' inboxes.

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SMS, an effective marketing channel

SMS marketing campaigns fit perfectly into a multi-channel sales strategy. With SMS marketing, you're in your customers' pockets: a way of reaching them in the most personal way possible.

Compatible with 100% of handsets
Campaign open rate of 97%.
Messages opened within 3 minutes of receipt (95%)
Memorization rate of 60%.

Click-through rate between 6% to 36

Conversion rate 3 times higher than an email campaign
Increased ROI (€1 invested in SMS yields €50 on average)
Simple integration in CRM
Maximum deliverability, total loyalty and commitment

Our customers and the success of their mobile campaigns

Boost customer interaction
Loyalty campaigns SMS API
You can expect ROIs of up to X30 on average on campaigns. In other words, for every €1 spent on SMS, I can generate €30 in sales.
Laurent Kretz, host of the podcast Le Panier
Triple your conversion rate with RCS
Marketing campaign RCS

Create your SMS campaign simply.

The platform smsmode© makes it easy to get started, from your computer or phone. Import your contacts with a single click, create your first message templates and send your first campaigns in just a few minutes.

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SMS marketing: use cases

Customer information SMS

It's the first step to effective marketing. Improve customer relations and boost customer loyalty by automatically informing your customers of order follow-ups, deliveries, appointment reminders, etc.

Commercial SMS

Generate point-of-sale traffic with promotional campaigns (promotions, private sales, stock clearance, etc.) via SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is particularly well suited to events such as Black Friday, when promotions are limited in time. SMS deliverability ensures that your customers have received your communication. What's more, customers are more receptive to this instantaneous, personal and customizable channel. The use of variables (surname, first name, purchase history, etc.) makes the customer experience even more personal.

Everyone expects to receive a welcome e-mail, but the immediate sending of an SMS instead can be a pleasant surprise.

If you are offering a sign-up incentive, you can send the discount code or link by SMS. Follow up this SMS with an email to maximise your chances of getting a purchase.

SMS is ideal if you have a special offer (new collections, clearance sale...) and you want to give your customers every chance of taking part. For your best sales and promotions, incorporate a little urgency into the language. It's even possible to offer no discount at all and play on the sense of urgency alone.


SMS is also an excellent way of generating qualified in-store traffic. You can send SMS campaigns containing a promotional code. Once in-store, this code enables your customers to benefit from advantages, and all you have to do is count the number of times the code has been used to calculate the conversion rate of your campaigns!

Ex: "Use code XXXX at the checkout before 6pm today for free delivery."

To counter the 160 character limit per SMS, give access to more content by inserting a link in your messages. This technique, known as Rich SMS, is one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows you to combine the engagement of SMS with the power of a web page.

Always introduce the link with a clear call to action to encourage the recipient to take the next step, as well as a link containing more detailed information. And use a short link to save a few characters in your message.

Some examples:

"Discover our new collection via this link:mysite and take advantage of our benefits before anyone else."

"Take our survey for a chance to win prizes!"

"Visit :mysite before midnight to grab clearance items before they're gone."

More examples of SMS with links

Show your customers that they matter. Remember important occasions like their birthday or the day they became members of your loyalty program. It's a nice gesture to your customers, but it's also an opportunity for you to encourage them to buy with an offer that lasts only a few days around that date.

You can place the offer directly in your message, use the SMS as an incentive to check their email for a special gift, or even integrate a link into your SMS messages to trigger qualified visits to your website or store.

SMS is particularly effective for order confirmation and shipping updates.

Your customer doesn't need to check their email to make sure the order has been placed. And if the email is late in arriving, the SMS fulfils the role of reassurance.

Your SMS marketing channel can be made available to your customer service department, but SMS messages don't have to be about sales. They can be used to proactively address issues before they become problems.

SMS can be useful to reassure people who experience shipping delays. It is a more intimate channel to explain delays and show a human face, which strengthens your branding.

People want to have a conversation. SMS is an opportunity to build that relationship more deeply.


The advertising text

through 5 action sheets

Discover all the possibilities offered by SMS advertising for mobile prospecting.

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An efficient, accessible tool via a personal account

Complemented by a wide range of services: immediate or scheduled SMS sending, SMS reception, specific developments, contact management, technical support, etc.

Test the real performance and impact of an SMS marketing campaign in just a few clicks... and adopt SMS in your communications!

Benefits smsmode©

SMS marketing: best practices

Choose the right moment
(live or recorded)
Timing is important for any marketing message. For SMS messages, timing is even more important. If 97% of SMS messages are read so quickly, it's because customers check their phones very often, and SMS messages never go unnoticed.

If, for example, your aim is to encourage customers to make a purchase by sending a promotional code, Monday at 8.30 a.m. is certainly not the ideal time to schedule your campaign. If your activity involves a meeting, another option is to send SMS messages just after an appointment. You're already in the customer's mind, and you know he's available.
Choose the right transmitter for the right communication
Your brand name must be present to give your customers confidence.

Personalize the message sender for clear communication. You can't assume that your customers have you in their contacts: this means that your message will appear from a number they won't recognize, and without any identifying information. If you want them to follow through on your text, you have to identify yourself immediately. With smsmode©you can personalize your Sender ID and therefore be identified even before the SMS is opened.
Optimise your message
SMS messages have a maximum of 160 characters.
That's not much to deliver an impactful message, especially when you have to identify yourself and add the STOP SMS.
You can of course send a longer message, but it will cost you several credits.

So you need to know exactly what you want to say and not waste any characters. Get to the point quickly and use links (and link shorteners) to complete the details of your message.
Rules for SMS marketing
SMS marketing is governed by rules laid down by operators to ensure that consumers' rights are respected.
The first rule is obviously opt-in: each of your contacts must have given their explicit consent before your company sends an SMS.
The time of sending is also regulated: promotional SMS campaigns must be sent between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and can be sent every day except Sundays and public holidays.

The word STOP is also mandatory for all your advertising messages.
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