Choose a powerful and profitable media

SMS Marketing is an indispensable communication channel for companies that want to invest in mobile media.

With SMS marketing: start to conquer new customers and improve customer relationship


SMS Marketing at the heart of multi-channel strategy concerns

Today the potential offered by SMS marketing is important: speed of sending and receiving messages, maximum guaranteed reading rate, possibility of interaction with the recipient, extension of information with a campaign Cross-channel, targeted information, real-time thanks, improvement of customer relationship, development of a loyalty strategy, etc.

Mobile Marketing is an indispensable communication vector for on the one hand, to reach its targets instantly and on the other hand to convey a young and trendy brand image. Sent en masse or unitly for a more personal communication with your client, the SMS is the communication medium perfectly adapted to many communication situations.


Improve customer relationship

Automatically informing your customers for order tracking, appointment reminders, etc.

  • Make your brand accessible to your customers at any time
  • Create a regular link with your interlocutors and increase their satisfaction
  • Ensure a better follow-up of reservations, purchases or orders

Create traffic in a point of sale

By carrying out promotional campaigns (promotions, private sales, liquidation of stocks, etc.) via SMS marketing.

  • Relay your promotional offers on mobile
  • Increase your turnover and operational efficiency
  • Benefit from the innovative image of the mobile

Mobile marketing by SMS with smsmode©

As a historical player in the sector, the services offered by smsmode allow you to send several SMS lines indifferently:

  • The SMS Pro for more qualitative shipments (customizable transmitter and optional account, very good quality of reception), with for this range of SMS, the possibility for these consignments, to receive a reply (report included, very good quality of Reception),
  • The TTS, for your voice messages (including account, very good reception quality).

Effective and accessible via a personal account, this innovative tool is accompanied by many services: immediate or programmed sending of SMS, reception of SMS, specific developments, contact management, technical support, etc.

Test, in a few clicks, the real performance and impact of a SMS Marketingcampaign... and adopt the SMS in your communication!

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