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Use our SMS platform and optimize your shipments with a simple, accessible and efficient SMS-sending service. By carrying out SMS marketing campaigns, you create a relationship of trust with your customers or prospects thanks to a tool to send SMS en masse or SMS unites.

Intuitive and accessible to all, our interface offers you solutions for planning your SMS campaigns while enjoying maximum security. With our Internet SMS-sending platform, enjoy a high quality service that allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver your SMS. Personalize your SMS Pro with several available templates while analyzing the impact of mailing SMS.

The purpose of mobile marketing and SMS mailing?
Develop a close relationship with your customers, retain them while taking advantage of the many opportunities associated with the professional SMS.


Non-binding SMS software160 characters
For a powerful message

Write your text message and send your SMS directly via our SMS Pro mailing platform. You have 160 characters to write an effective, concise and eye-catching text.

SMS Platform without CommitmentNo commitment and
20 Free Credits

Use our SMS platform with no commitment and no subscription and take advantage of 20 credits offered when registering. Test Our interface and start your mobile marketing campaigns via SMS.

Personal Data protectionprotected data
and secure

smsmode© is committed in accordance with its GDPR approach and its CNIL commitment to the protection and securing of personal data. We guarantee you confidentiality of your imported data as well as the non-use thereof.

Why choose the smsmode© platform?

From an ergonomic and simple SaaS platform, connect to a professional webservice very simply, without installing software and directly from the site of smsmode©. and realize in a few clicks your SMS campaigns. Creating a free account will allow you to test our online SMS sending management tool. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you have 24/7 access, regardless of where you are sending SMS Pro from a simple internet connection via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our company has chosen to promote the sending of quality SMS and an SMS platform with multiple possibilities.

SMS Sending platform by smsmode©

  • a personalized service: Several options and solutions are offered to professionals to plan their campaigns to send and receive SMS in number. Going to SMsmode is to take advantage of a premium SMS service as well as the expertise of our teams. It is also provided with personalized support to help you find the SMS solution adapted to the needs of your company.
  • controlled costs: benefit from ultra-attractive prices through a service with or without commitment. Take advantage of credit packs with decreasing SMS rates to send SMS and receive all types of messages.
  • a direct connection operator: registered as a Telecom Operator : the assurance of a reliable and secure service.
  • an SMS API http: smsmode© provides you with an HTTP API with simple and quick integration of queries with full functionality (automating sending and receiving SMS, managing your database, sending voice messages, etc.).

A2P Mobile New Channels White Paper

WhatsApp Business, RCS and others.
New mobile A2P massaging channels for your business.

Downloadable free of charge, our white paper will help you discover new mobile messaging channels and new opportunities for your communication.


Opt for our SMS platform
and discover its different features

Easy to use and without commitment, our user interface is accessible from a PC or a computer with a simple web connection. Go to smsmode© and discover the different features that make it up.

  • managing your databases: To send SMS alerts or SMS ads, directly import all of your contacts onto the platform within seconds and manage your mailing list. For this, nothing simpler: Import an Excel document with useful information of contacts (name, first name, company, phone, mobile, etc).
  • Instant or deferred messages: our SMS sending service via the Internet offers two modes of shipments. The first one: an immediate scheduled shipment by default. The second one is a programmed send allowing you to send your SMS later by filling in a field the desired day and time.
  • Creating SMS Templates: manage SMS templates to facilitate the writing of your next shipments.
  • customizing SMS campaigns: simply create and manage shipments from each campaign with a custom sender and variables in the text. The most: Choose the name of your brand in sender and boost your image. and by using direct mail, you make your messages unique.
  • SMS Message Analysis: analyze the impact of your SMS marketing campaigns in real time with the detailed statistics of your SMS sending (read rate or aperture rate, deliverability rate, error routing, etc.).
  • Automatic unsubscribe: requests to unsubscribe (or STOP SMS) and invalid numbers are automatically deleted from your address book to maintain an address book that is always updated and to respect the agreement of Recipient (opt-in).

Advanced features for sending SMS Pro
Professional SMS sending Platform

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Expert in digital communication by SMS for nearly 15 years, our sales team will accompany you to reach your goals in a fast and efficient way. Would you like to know how to send an online message via our platform?
Do not hesitate to contact our experts will be happy to answer your questions by phone at +33(0)4 91 05 64 63 in order to find the SMS pack adapted to the needs of your company.