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SMS mailing

SMS Mailing is a powerful, flexible, simple, fast and economical type of direct marketing and communication that delivers short messages to a significant number of contacts.

The SMS Mailing is a simple solution to send information (in the form of message – SMS or text messages) to a set of recipients directly on their mobile phone. This will help you reach a large number of contacts in a friendly, economical and direct way in just a few clicks.

You are planning to set up SMS mailing as a tool for prospecting, loyalty or promotion but you do not know how to do it?

smsmode©an expert in digital SMS communication for over 14 years, provides comprehensive information on SMS mailing for businesses: SMS campaign performance, best practices and legal obligations for this mobile medium, steps for carrying out your first SMS mailing, and more. SMS campaignetc.

Become an ace of the SMS mailing and reach your goals in a minimum of time and investment!

I Discover the Mail2SMS API

Reading rate of 95%This is the reading rate
of an SMS campaign!

SMS has a read rate of about 95% and many advantages over email, telephone reminders, faxes or paper mail. With SMS and its 160 characters, your SMS mailing will be received and its content read entirely by the majority of your address file!

Time to receive 4minThis is the average time
To open an SMS!

This proven immediacy makes SMS a marketing channel of immediacy and proximity, particularly suited to real-time communications. Maintain a direct and almost instantaneous relationship with your customers and contacts with SMS.

4.5 Euro centsThis is the price of each shipment
SMS Message!

An extremely economicalmeans of communication, the low cost of an SMS is up to 10 times less than that of a paper campaign or telephone communication. And benefit from an ultra-attractive ROI for your SMS mailings with a return rate of between 20% and 30%.

The SMS mailing, the shortest way to send sms from his PC.

The SMS mailing represents real advantages for professionals and companies in order to send in an effective and instantaneous way, to their number base (customers or prospects file), promotions, alert or information messages. The benefits of SMS marketing compared to traditional emails or to a mail sent are numerous (apart from the fact that it is less expensive!): maximum deliverability thanks to the absence of spam, more effective and more memorable message, reading of your text message by its recipient almost guaranteed, etc.


Examples of messages for mailing SMS

Find some cases of direct marketing campaign applications and mailing SMS that you can integrate in a simple way in your communication:

  • advertising and promotional messages: you can use the SMS channel to communicate en masse with your target audience, while retaining a very personal touch. SMS mailing enables you to communicate quickly, easily and effectively about promotions, private sales, event days and so on. The effectiveness of SMS mailing in increasing point-of-sale traffic and building customer loyalty is widely acknowledged.
  • Sending commercial information messages to customers: send multiple professional SMS messages to send welcome messages, birthday messages, satisfaction surveys, etc. You will thus automatically animate your customer relations by sending SMS via the Internet!
  • SMS messages related to the customer journey: stay in touch with your contact base and customers at each stage of their purchase and send them order or reservation confirmations, delivery notices or product availability at collection points, etc.
  • Sending alerts and reminders of appointments: a feature now well adopted by the medical and service sectors, sending alerts or reminders of appointments by SMS on the desired date via our routing platform allows for urgent and real-time information and has been widely proven!

White Paper Good Practices SMS

10 good practices to carry out an SMS campaign... and succeed!

Free to download, our white paper "10 best practices for running a successful SMS campaign" will show you the essential practices and tips for integrating mobile SMS marketing campaigns into your communication channels.


The shipping products and services included in our offer

Choosing our professional platform as a solution for sending your SMS mailing is guaranteed to benefit from:

  • a simple tool with an intuitive interface: to create and plan a campaign or an SMS mailing, only 3 clicks are required from your personal and secure customer area on our SMS emailing software. You will be able to manage, online, your single or mass SMS mailings in total autonomy from your professional account which is free to create. A follow-up of the sendings (to monitor the good progress) and complete statistical reports are then available for each of your SMS emailing campaigns. In addition, our credit packs allow you to adapt to the number of daily or monthly sends you plan to make.
  • advanced management of SMS campaigns: from your personal space accessible via a simple Internet connection and a website browser, you can create your groups of contacts, import your contacts from an excel or csv file, de-duplicate your customer files, create message models or templates, etc. In addition, our SMS services automatically manage STOPs (unsubscribe requests) and invalid telephone numbers.
  • mailing possibilities: thanks to the mailing variables available on our mobile marketing tool, you can personalise your SMS message with customer data by inserting their name, first name or company name for example. 5 personalisation variables are at your disposal to make your company SMS mailing a professional communication!
  • Optimal coverage in France and worldwide: directly connected with the major mobile operators in France, our tools dedicated to professionals allow you to send voice or text messages in 166 countries on more than 500 networks. This maximum coverage and quality allows you to be assured of the deliverability of your SMS mailings in France and throughout the world.
  • HTTP API available: we provide you with a free "SMS API" gateway to our sending services, so you can easily connect your own business tools and applications to our platform. Detailed documentation of all available functions is available for download, so you can test it free of charge.
  • Customer service at your disposal: you benefit from assistance, help and advice from our experts (technical support and sales department) with over 14 years of experience in the field of mobile communication by SMS. They will offer you degressive rates corresponding to the projected volume of your SMS emailing.

Services to send SMS mailing

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