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How do I create an SMS campaign?

You've heard about mobile SMS campaigns, but haven't taken the plunge yet? Do you have doubts about the impact of an SMS advertising campaign on your customers? Of a marketing action including SMS for your company or business? You don't know how to choose the most suitable offer and/or software?

Find out how an SMS message marketing campaign can improve the performance, communication and promotion of your business.


The keys to a successful SMS campaign

SMS campaigns can be carried out in just a few clicks, whatever the number of customers, and are a fast and effective way of communicating with customers and prospects. Discover the 4 steps required to carry out your SMS marketing operation via an SMS tool or platform.

Contact database definition

Segmentation is important in all marketing activities, and this is also true for your message dispatches. The first step in your SMS campaign is to gather the contact data you need to carry out your first mobile communication on an active basis, particularly in the case of bulk or group SMS. This customer data can come from your own internal tools, CRM and software, or from a database rental (a questionable method of renting a file of contact details and telephone numbers of "opt-in" recipients).

Writing the message

You have 160 characters to compose a message and present the most attractive and effective offer possible (150 if we deduct the obligatory STOP SMS for marketing purposes). But the fact that you have to write a short, concise and effective message is also the strength of SMS, which has a 60% information memorization rate! Want to say more? Insert a link to a landing page - the SMS click-through rate is unbeatable.

Choice of delivery method

You have 3 options: send your SMS campaign from the smsmode© self-service cloud platform (which works in much the same way as an email campaign tool), use a plugin to add SMS functionality to your CRM, or integrate the API to run SMS campaigns automatically from your external application.
Whichever professional SMS solution you choose, a host of services are available to help you manage your SMS campaigns: contact and group management (file transfer, automatic sorting of valid numbers, reception statistics, management of responses to SMS messages sent, sending history, etc.), and more.

The right timing for mailing

This parameter can make a big difference: find the best time to send your SMS campaign. The time of day often depends on your professional activity and the time of day your prospects are in (before lunch for catering, before the weekend for retail...). Once you've decided on your strategy, test your campaign on your cell phone, for example, then start distributing your SMS messages, either directly in bulk or segmented. Once you've sent your SMS, you can access all the statistical data in your customer area to analyze the performance of your first SMS campaign and monitor your KPIs.


10 best practices for SMS campaigns

Free to download, our white paper will take you through essential practices and a list of tips for integrating SMS into your communication channels, for marketing or notification purposes.

The potential of SMS for your communication

Universal, instantaneous and customizable, SMS is a formidable solution for engaging your customers on cell phones. Here are a few examples of how SMS campaigns can be easily integrated into your mobile strategy.

and promotions

By using the SMS channel and sending bulk SMS messages, you can reach your entire contact base (no SPAM in SMS) with promotions, private sales, event days and more. An effective way to increase point-of-sale traffic and build customer loyalty. N. B. You can still personally target your audience with mass mailings, thanks to recipient segmentation and the insertion of variables in your messages.

Send automatic personal

Welcome messages, birthday messages, abandoned cart reminders, feedback requests, satisfaction surveys... The list is endless. Animate your customer relations automatically with a message triggered by a customer action. SMS fits perfectly into a marketing automation strategy, and can even support a viral marketing operation.

Transactional campaigns
by SMS

Maintain the relationship with your prospects at every stage of the customer journey by sending them order or reservation confirmations, notices of delivery or product availability at collection points, etc. This is a clever way of getting them used to receiving messages from you, thus increasing the impact and ROI of your marketing campaigns. It's a clever way to get them used to receiving messages from you, increasing the impact and ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Send alerts and
appointment reminders

Emergency communication by SMS is widely adopted by different professional sectors. It can be a real-time alert or an appointment reminder. It's a highly effective way of enhancing your company's brand image. SMS plug-ins and APIs lend themselves more easily to this type of informational campaign, as they require automation.

The SMS campaign in figures

read rate of an SMS campaign

This is one of the many advantages over email, telephone reminders, flyers and leaflets. With SMS marketing, you can be sure that your SMS campaign will be received and read by the majority of your recipients!

average time to open an SMS

This proven immediacy makes SMS a communication channel of immediacy and proximity, particularly suited to real-time communications. Maintain a direct, personal relationship with your customers thanks to SMS

sending price
for each SMS message

An extremely cost-effective communication channel, SMS rates are up to 10 times lower than a paper campaign or ads on search engines or social networks. Benefit from the ultra-attractive ROI of SMS for your campaigns and a response rate of between 20% and 30%.

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