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Examples of professional SMS

SMS is the most direct and personal way to reach your customers. By the way, 77% of consumers like brands that communicate via SMS (Mobile Marketing Watch). So there are plenty of reasons to start sending SMS campaigns. But how do you get started? smsmode© gives you a few tips to get you started, with the right example for each SMS category to give you some ideas.

Discover 50 perfect SMS templates to get started in mobile messaging!


Whether it's for marketing (drive to store/web, lead acquisition...), notification (information, appointment reminder, order confirmation, OTP code...), or even sales prospecting; there is an example for everything 😉 !

Best practices for writing professional SMS

Before starting the sending, it is good to know the good practices of professional SMS campaigns. What are the rules to respect? What information should be communicated? Which messages work best?

There are many opportunities to send an SMS. The announcement of new products or solutions, the opening of a new point of sale, the broadcasting of special offers or exclusive promotions for your customers, a flash sale, a contest to win a prize and many others.

But like other marketing channels such as emailing, TV advertising or billboards, SMS is a communication channel that has its own codes. All professional SMS messages follow a series of best practices that it is best to have in mind before starting a campaign. Here are the best practices to write an effective professional SMS:


  • Make sure your customer base is opt-in before sending
  • Introduce yourself
  • Customize the content of your campaign and the sender
  • Write a short and concise text
  • Use line breaks to structure your message
  • Make your call to action clear
  • Persuade with action words.
  • Try to create a sense of urgency.
  • Try not to exceed 160 characters, otherwise your text could cost more than one SMS credit
  • Use a short link generator to gain characters


White Paper Good Practices SMS
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Examples of SMS marketing

Sales and promotions SMS.

example of sales and promotions sms

Brands use SMS to deliver their promotions because it is one of the most direct and cost-effective ways to reach prospects and customers.

78% of consumers appreciate advertising when it is personalized (source: Kantar Media). SMS is therefore ideal for broadcasting your promotional offers and boosting your sales, as it is a personal channel by nature. Moreover, it is very customizable thanks to the variables you can place in your messages.


[First name], get 20% off your next order at [Company] with the code 1234.
STOP 36123

"100 characters

[Name], Be among the first to enjoy discounts at [Company]! Click here to register: [URL].
STOP 36123

"107 characters

Your favorite books in one click !
The DeLaPlace bookstore now welcomes you on the Web.
-30% off for 3 days only :
STOP 36123

"126 characters

Take advantage of our selection of discounted prices up to 50% off! Don't miss this opportunity to make good deals. Visit us now in store or on our website to learn more. Great deals!
STOP 36123

"185 characters

The birthday SMS

example sms birthday

The birthday SMS is perfect for building customer loyalty with a little personal attention that can make a difference. Birthday SMS are also an opportunity to play the card of personalization.


Happy Birthday [First name]!

For this special occasion,
get a 15% discount on our entire catalog.

STOP 36123

"113 characters

Hello [Name]!

Until xx/xx, your institute is celebrating its 10th anniversary! A 25% discount is offered on the treatment of your choice.

STOP 36123

"115 characters

Already 5 years together [Name] !

To thank you for your loyalty, we are offering you a 10% discount on your next order. To take advantage of this offer, simply enter the discount code FIDELITE10 during your next online order or mention this code during your next visit to the store.

Thanks again and see you soon!

STOP 36123

"299 characters

SMS for the Sales

example sms sales

Every year, sales are periods of intense marketing pressure. As such,SMS is the medium to use to stand out and get noticed. For an e-commerce site, the use of Rich SMS can make a big difference and boost your conversion rate.


Only X days left to take advantage of Y% off the entire store!

Click here [URL] to see the best selling items and make your choice.

STOP 36123

"131 characters

You haven't taken advantage of our WINTER SALES offers yet?

Last chance!

Take advantage of X% today. Visit [URL] to take advantage!

STOP 36123

"126 characters

Shop at [Company] today and get a GIFT of up to €X with your purchase. Valid on all items on sale. Use [CODE] at checkout!

STOP 36123

"172 characters

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SMS for private sales

example sms private sales

Private sales are reserved for your loyal customers. It's the perfect opportunity to give them special attention and let them know by making their phone vibrate.


Hello [First name], take advantage of a 30% discount on our entire range [Range name].

Offer valid until the beginning of the SALES

STOP 36123

"120 characters

[First name], take advantage of the sales, BEFORE THE SALES!

Get X% discount on all our products thanks to your loyalty!

Click here: [URL].

STOP 36123

"127 characters

[First name], we just received the bags from the new collection a week before they went on sale. Why don't you come see them before someone else does?

STOP 36123

"154 characters

Promotional highlights (Holidays, Black Friday...)

example sms mother's day

There are many holidays and special occasions during the year that often give rise to gifts - and therefore opportunities for you to offer a flash promotion: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Black Friday...

Sending a mass SMS campaign at the right time, close to these events, often shows an impressive conversion rate. The intention to buy is already present in your customers, thanks to the reach of the SMS, you ensure your presence in their minds.


[Company name] wishes you a happy Mother's Day!

30% off floral arrangements this weekend only. In store or online at [URL].

STOP 36123

"143 characters

The BLACK FRIDAY promotions are going to be extended!

Get X% off all [products or categories].

Offer valid until midnight.

STOP 36123

"135 characters

Get the best deals on all your favorite products this Cyber Monday. Text CYBERMONDAY to [SHORT CODE] to get X% off the entire catalog!

STOP 36123

"151 characters

Get ready to take advantage of the great Black Friday deals!

Text [KEYWORD] to [SHORT CODE] to get a sneak peek at our best deals and be the first to know when they become available!

STOP 36123

"190 characters

Don't know what to give for Christmas [NAME]? We have the solution! Our special holiday sale has just started.

Click on [URL] for incredible discounts!

STOP 36123

"145 characters

SMS invitations to events.

example sms event

Events, online or in person, are a great way to stay in touch with prospects and customers. An SMS invitation to let people know or simply remind them when and where the event is taking place and how to register or view it. The response rate of SMS is much higher than email and the de facto lower volume of sending allows you not to spend too much.


Hi [First Name] - [Company]'s webinar starts in 10 minutes. We hope to see you there! The link to register is in your email.

STOP 36123

"127 characters

Your store [Brand] celebrates its reopening on XX/XX!

Come and discover our new products in preview at [Address].

STOP 36123

"115 characters

Join us for a live webinar on XX/XX at X hours.

On the program: everything you need to know about X and how to make it your #1 advantage!


STOP 36123

"137 characters

The welcome SMS.

example welcome sms

One of the first contacts between a company and its customers/prospects is the welcome message. This SMS is there to welcome new subscribers to your news. It's important to include the type of content your subscribers can expect and how they can unsubscribe. You can also use this message to double opt-in, as in the following example.


Thank you for registering [First name]!

You'll receive lots of information and good deals! Confirm your choice to receive these messages by answering "Yes".

STOP 36123

"150 characters

[Company]: Welcome aboard! We will send you the latest updates and announcements here. Send STOP to XXXX to unsubscribe.

STOP 36123

"126 characters

Welcome to [Brand]! The adventure begins with a gift!

Use code [CODE] to get a [%] discount on any order!

STOP 36123

"125 characters

SMS for a satisfaction survey

example sms satisfaction survey

SMS is a great tool to easily and quickly generate responses for a survey. With SMS Response or by using a virtual mobile number, you can sort and redirect responses to view your results.


Thank you for purchasing the [Product] jacket.

Could you evaluate us for our service?

Rate from 1 to 10 in response to this message

STOP 36123

"124 characters

Hello [Name], how was your service today?

Send GOOD, OK or BAD to give your opinion.

Thank you! - [Company] [URL]

STOP 36123

"124 characters


We hope you enjoyed your experience with [Company]. To help us improve our services, we would like to invite you to complete our satisfaction survey. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

To answer it, click here: [URL].

Thank you in advance and see you soon.

STOP 36123

"275 characters

SMS notification examples:

Security codes.

example sms security code

One of the most common ways for businesses to provide a secure browsing experience is through two-factor authentication. And the most common way to implement this authentication is an OTP security code sent via SMS.

In an age where online security is a top priority, customers appreciate the convenience and security precautions offered by SMS OTP.


123456 is your verification code. It expires in 15 minutes.

[Solution]: Your verification code: 123456

Appointment reminders.

example sms appointment reminder

SMS is the most convenient way to stay in touch for service providers and businesses. For all professions receiving appointments (Medicine, Esthetics, Automotive, Hairdressing...) SMS appointment reminders are an obvious choice, because they are easy to set up and solve a lot of problems such as no-shows, late arrivals, forgetting...


Your 3/17/2020 appointment with Dr. [Your Name] is confirmed.

Hi [Name]. Your massage is scheduled for 4/27/22 at 12pm. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Please answer "Yes" to confirm.

Your appointment with [doctor's name] has been rescheduled to [date] at [time]. Please send us a message or call us with any questions.

SMS confirmations and/or reservation changes

example sms reservation confirmation

On the same principle as the appointment reminder, the changes or confirmations of reservation are informative SMS that have a great capital sympathy among consumers. They allow to keep informed and to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding. Mailboxes are often full and are rarely consulted when travelling. Messages can get lost in spam filters or become invisible in a sea of unread messages. Instead of sending a booking confirmation by email, companies can send confirmations by SMS and gain visibility.


Hello [Name],

We confirm your pre-order of [Product].

We will send you a text message as soon as it is available and ready to be shipped.

Dear [Name]. Your flight 349033 will be delayed by 2 hours. Please contact [Company Name] for more information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Your room [Hotel] is ready! See you on March 17, 2020 at 3pm.

Your [Product] is on its way! Delivery scheduled for XX/XX at XhXX

SMS for electronic document signature

example sms electronic signature

The electronic signature makes exchanges more fluid and enables identity verification in complete security. Thanks to the SMS OTP and its full evidential value, it is in full compliance with European Union legislation.


[Name], your signature validation code is: 123456

Document X is ready to be signed. Validate your signature with the following code:


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Internal corporate communications.

example sms of internal communication

SMS allows companies to have instant, light and convenient communication with their customers, but it is also a great way for companies to communicate internally. Creating an internal SMS subscriber list for instant, urgent and timely updates can revolutionize processes, especially in industries like logistics.


Hello team, a maintenance of our systems will take place today.

Delivery X arrives at XhX at [Place], Staff required: 4 persons

Hello [Name], Company X is expecting you for the inventory on XX/XX starting at XXhXX

SMS for status updates

example sms update

SMS is read instantly and is the most effective way to send critical messages. That's why SMS is the channel of choice for sending must-read messages like status updates.


Dear customer, we have updated our policies.

Read more here: [URL]

Dear customers, our General Terms and Conditions have changed.

Consult them here: [URL]

Billing reminders.

sample sms billing

More and more companies are adapting to their customers' preferences by sending them billing reminders via SMS.

SMS updates are less likely to be overlooked than emails (sent to often overloaded business mailboxes) and are just as easy for companies to automate.


Your balance of €100 will be credited to [Account] on XX/XX/XXXX.

Hello [Name], your invoice N°XXXXX is pending payment.

Go to your customer area to pay for it

SMS for commercial prospecting

example sms commercial prospecting

Yes, sending SMS to your prospects works. As for marketing or notification, SMS shines in business prospecting thanks to its reach and its unbeatable opening rate.

However, you need to be tactful. SMS and email (or LinkedIn InMail 😉 ) are two very different channels. What works for one doesn't always work for the other.

Here are the 7 best practices of commercial prospecting by SMS:

  • Collect phone numbers correctly
  • Manage the opt-out conscientiously
  • Introduce yourself
  • Avoid abbreviations
  • Never use complete words in capital letters
  • Stay friendly and not too pushy
  • An exclamation mark is enough

Number collection

Don't buy a list of phone numbers. It's both inefficient and unnecessary. There are easier ways to collect the numbers of your potential customers.

For example, you could add a click-to-text button to your website. You could also consider adding phone number collection to your site's web forms. Ask people to leave their phone number to receive a quote, case study, white paper or other useful content.

The presentation

Find the right time and reason to send an SMS. Speak like a real person and prefer to start your text message with information about your prospect that justifies you getting in touch with them.

SMS templates for commercial prospecting

Hello [Name], thank you for downloading our e-book. I am [Name] from [Company].

I would like to know more about your needs. Do you have time today to chat?

STOP 36123

"155 characters

Hello [Name], this is [Your Name]. We met at [Name of event]. What is your availability this week to discuss your needs?

STOP 36123

"147 characters

Hi [Name], This is [Your Name] from [Company]. You signed up for a trial a few days ago, how is it going? I'd like to get your feedback.

STOP 36123

"143 characters

Hello [Client Name], this is [Your Name] from [Company]. Are you still available for our call at [Time] today?

STOP 36123

"121 characters

Hello [Name]! I am [Your Name] from [Company]. I am happy to provide the consultation you requested.

Choose the time that suits you here: [URL].

We look forward to talking with you!

STOP 36123

"194 characters


Whether you plan to do marketing, notification or commercial prospecting, you now have all the keys to succeed in your professional SMS campaigns. You will have understood that SMS is a channel that gives pride of place to immediacy and personalization. It also allows you to reach everyone in an almost certain way. It is therefore necessary to handle SMS with tact in order not to be too intrusive and risk a high rate of unsubscribing.


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