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Deploy SMS in your customer journey

Acquiring a new customer can cost 5X more than retaining an existing one (invespcro). So it's time to improve your customer journey with SMS to capitalize on that loyalty. Offer an experience that meets your customers' needs and expectations by delivering the right information, at the right time. Establish a close relationship that sets you apart. 


Reduce customer service requests by 83
Notification Alert SMS API
Creating the perfect customer experience
Order tracking SMS Zapier plugin
In customer service, it is not easy to hit the target with every message. SMS ensures that the customer reads the information.
Tom Guibourdenche,
Poiscaille customer service manager

The SMS in the client path

SMS is a channel that can be used to deliver precise information: a welcome message on registration, a product availability alert, cart abandonment, expiry of information storage on the customer area, data changes, crisis management, etc. Deployed as a complement to SMS marketing, these SMS notifications can help you stand out from the crowd and trigger a purchase or re-purchase action where advertising is often insufficient.

Discover 60 examples of SMS messages to use for every action in the customer journey
sms notification examples

Discover SMS in the customer journey

Offer a personalized experience

Delivering a good customer experience (quality of service and relationship) can win over increasingly volatile and demanding customers. Opt for a communication strategy tailored to your business and increase your conversions with a successful customer experience for greater satisfaction. Automated SMS messages are a simple and effective way to take full advantage of the potential and performance of mobile communications with your contacts. 

Inform at every stage of the customer journey

Order confirmation, parcel dispatch, delivery notification, telephone reservation confirmation, product availability at the point of collection, availability at the point of sale, telephone reservation confirmation, invoices, customer service information, etc. 

sms basket relaunch

Relaunch at just the right moment

Vary your follow-up channels with a channel that has a wider reach than e-mail, while being less intrusive than a phone call. Alternate sales or marketing reminders with email, cart abandonment, product renewal, purchase anniversary, event, sale, etc.


Take advantage of the personalization functions embedded in our solution to make your communication more engaging: variables (name, product, email...), personalized sender, landing page editor, short link generator...

Retain your customers after their purchase

Birthday messages, satisfaction surveys, private sales, special offers, product launches, etc. Use SMS to show your contacts how special they are to you, and boost the relationship between your customers and your company. 

Panda Tea and its first RCS campaign, a step forward in customer experience

Choose professional products and services to integrate SMS into the customer experience

SMS specialist since 2004, smsmode© provides marketing and notification solutions for your mobile messaging communications at the heart of the customer journey. Discover the solution that's right for you.

SaaS Platform

Take advantage of all the features you need to send your messages. Accessible from a secure personal customer area, our cloud platform lets you send your different types of messages (SMS Pro, Voice, Unicode and WhastApp...) with complete autonomy. The ideal solution for sending notifications as part of the customer journey.

HTTPs and RESTful APIs

Make SMS an automatable feature directly integrated into your external application (CRM, website, e-commerce site, database, mobile application, etc.). Sending and receiving SMS messages will become part of your application, and can be triggered by events in the customer journey.

SMS plugins

Whether you want to integrate SMS into your CRM, CMS, marketing automation tool or business application (Airtable, Freshdesk, Google Sheets, etc.); smsmode© includes a number of plugins and webhooks for sending messages from your tool, with simple installation in just a few clicks

The SMS customer journey in figures

of mobile users like SMS news

Recipients are very keen to receive SMS messages from companies. The more information delivered is related to their daily lives or to a service, the greater the interest of mobile phone users in receiving SMS messages, which can rise to 88%.

read rate of an SMS campaign

An impressive read rate, with 90% of SMS messages read within 4 minutes of receipt. These are major advantages over email or traditional telephone reminders. With SMS, your message is received, read and taken into account.

generated for every €1 spent on SMS

The return on investment for SMS is therefore 4900%. Even if the profitability of SMS depends on many factors, this average means that SMS is one if not the channel with the best ROI. Find out how to optimize your SMS ROI.

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