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the anniversary SMS

Practice widely adopted by e-commerce actors, sending SMS anniversary is still a type of advertising campaign often under-exploited by stores and businesses while this remains a unique opportunity to strengthen ties with everyone of your customers.

You may of course wish them a happy birthday but other occasions are equally relevant: anniversary date of a purchase, message for the renewal of a process (automotive technical control, renewal of a contract, Automobile overhaul, boiler maintenance, etc.), etc.

Discover at a glance the keys to a successful SMS marketing operation...


SMS Anniversary and customer loyaltyMaintain a regular link
and customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty costs up to 5 times less than acquiring new ones! It's an established fact... With a very low cost, anniversary SMS is a simple and effective loyalty tool to be closer to your customers with a minimal cost!

Promotion and Gifts in SMS anniversary communicationsA gift
To encourage re-purchase

Anniversary communication allows you to make contact with your customers each year at a time when they are receptive. Offering them a promotional offer or a gift is a simple strategy to encourage repeat purchases and maintain your sales.

Very good performance of the SMS marketingThe very good
SMS Performance

SMS is still the most effective mobile medium for reaching your contacts. With a 95% read rate within 4 minutes of sending your message, take advantage of the excellent performance of SMS for your birthday communications with its 160 characters!

4 good practices for successful birthday communications

Examples of professional birthday messages sent by SMS

  • Choose the right timing: determine the best moment to send your birthday communication according to the specificities of your sector of activity: sending an SMS on the day or the day before is more suitable when you want to wish your contact a happy birthday on their mobile phone and create a feeling of closeness, whereas a message sent a month later is more of a reminder of a renewal of a procedure.
  • Choosing the right offer: birthdays are often synonymous with gifts, promotional campaigns or discount offers. If you want to trigger the purchase of your products or services, make sure you include a really good offer (gift, discount code, free shipping, discovery offer, loyalty points, etc.) in your birthday SMS.
  • Personalize the message: with the " mailing variables " feature, you can personalize your birthday message with your customer's name, first name, etc., and thus make this SMS communication unique.
  • Change your birthday message regularly: if possible, renewing your birthday message and promotional offer every year will help you to keep interest in your communications.


White Paper advertising campaign

Advertising SMS through 5 action cards

Free to download, our white paper "SMS advertising through 5 action sheets" will help you discover all the possibilities offered by SMS advertising, and in particular SMS anniversary advertising, for communicating by text message and carrying out mobile prospecting.


SMS anniversary mailings in a few clicks

In order to set up an SMS anniversary sending system and take advantage of the many benefits of SMS, smsmode© offers comprehensive SMS products and services for every project:

  • a SaaS platform, a professional SMS sending solution: accessible online via a simple Internet connection, it is equipped with all the advanced functions for the completely autonomous sending and immediate reception of marketing SMS: management of address books, importing of customer files, creation of templates, recording of message templates, reports and acknowledgements of receipt, insertion of direct mail variables, consultation and management of responses received, triggering of predefined actions, etc. In addition, a wide range of short messages is available: Pro SMS, voice SMS or Vocal SMS, unicode SMS, etc.
  • an HTTP API: you can also choose this interface accessible from our website, which allows you to quickly integrate the sending of automatic SMS campaigns from your website, your business-application or your e-commerce site and thus to automate all your anniversary communications (mass sending or single notification). It has been designed to be the most complete solution possible, the easiest to use and implement.

Birthday SMS Sending Services

Create your first SMS Advertising campaign
Create a 100% free and non-binding customer area


Online SMS Sending Platform

Our team advises you...

Our sales team, our customer service and our technicians are at your disposal to answer all your questions about the SMS marketing operations and to take advantage of the advice to pass your SMS anniversary mailings! Feel free to contact one of our collaborators, our goal is the success of your marketing operation!