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A set of practical sheets to discover and master all the features of creating and optimizing your SMS campaigns.

SMS mailing to make your messages unique!

You have the possibility to personalize each of the messages of the same campaign by integrating in the message of SMS the information present in the form of each of your contacts according to the principle of direct mail. Free functionality, it allows you toinsert variables (4 fields of personalization are available on our platform) and thus to communicate in 1to1 with your contacts.

When you do a campaign with direct mail, it is important to have a sufficient number of characters to insert these variables.
For aSMS, when the integration of variables entrains an overrun of the 160 characters, the messages concerned will be counted as 2 SMS (SMS long).

How do I integrate SMS mailing variables into your customer space?



First, you must either import a new contact base with the SMS mail merge settings that will allow you to customize the message, or verify that these settings are present in the recipient list already created.
When importing the Excel file (. xls) or CSV (. csv), the connection of parameters with their type ("name", "FirstName", "Mail", etc.) is achieved by selecting the correct field for each of the imported columns (see the Beginner's Guide in the FAQ).


SMS Personalization variables-SMS MailingSTEP 2: WRITING THE MESSAGE

To send your personalized SMS, simply personalize the message by integrating the parameters provided in the input field. So, at the point where you want your custom field to appear, mention the name of the SMS mail merge setting that starts with "$" based on this principle:

What are the variables available?

There are 4 of them, implemented natively on your client space:
  • $nom allows you to integrate the name of your contact
  • $prenom (attention not emphasis) includes the first name of your contact
  • $societe (attention not emphasis) inserts the contents of the company field of each contact
  • $email incorporates the email information in the contact form


Your message is now personalized; All you have to do is to fill in the other usual campaign settings (immediate or programmed sending, sender, STOP SMS, etc.) and click on the "Send" button.