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Integrating variables into SMS messages

Personalize your SMS messages with the SMS mailing option, which lets you integrate variables into your messages for targeted communication with your customers. 

SMS in direct mail to make your messages unique

You can personalize each message in the same campaign by integrating the information contained in each of your contacts' files into the SMS, based on the principle of direct mail. This free feature lets you insert variables (4 personalization fields are available on our platform) for more personal communication with your contacts.

Anticipate the number of characters your variable should contain so as not to exceed the 160-character limit for an SMS (otherwise you'll be charged 2 credits).

How to integrate variables in your customer area?

Step 1

Import your contacts

You have 2 choices:

  • Import a new contact database with SMS mailing parameters that will enable you to personalize the message,
  • Check that these parameters are present in the list of recipients already created.

When importing Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) files,variable parameters are linked to their type ("last name", "first name", "e-mail", etc.) by selecting the right field for each column imported
(see beginner's guide in the FAQ).

Available variables
$name : integrates your contact's name
$firstname: (without emphasis) includes your contact's first name
$societe : (without emphasis) inserts the contents of the "Company" field for each contact
$email : includes the e-mail address entered in your contact's file
Step 2

Write your message

To send your personalized SMS messages, simply integrate the variable parameters into your message as you type. At the point where you want your custom field to appear, mention the name of the SMS mailing parameter beginning with "$".

Step 3

Send your message

Your message is now personalized; All you have to do is to fill in the other usual campaign settings (immediate or programmed sending, sender, STOP SMS, etc.) and click on the "Send" button.

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