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A set of practical sheets to discover and master all the features of creating and optimizing your SMS campaigns.

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You will find in the beginner's guide all the Help and the description step by step for the taking in hand of our SMS sending platform. Creating an account, importing contacts, purchasing credits, etc. will soon no longer have any secrets for you.

We have also listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to consult this FAQ, the answers you are looking for may be there! Our team remains at your disposal on 04 91 05 64 63 for all your additional questions.



On the home page of the smsmode send platform, click on "Customer space", fill in the required fields and validate. Your account is created and a welcome email is sent to the email address you indicated, inviting you to finalize the creation of your account by clicking on the link present in the body of the message.

During each new connection to your customer area, a popup inviting you to complete your contact information will appear until they are validated. By validating a mobile number, you will be able to benefit from 20 credits. To do this, you must indicate your mobile number in the corresponding field and then apply for its certification by clicking on the button below this field. An SMS will be sent to you with a code that you have to postpone in the box provided for this purpose. The 20 credits will then be added to your account for free. Go to "new SMS" to be able to use them.

If you cannot or do not wish to send us a mobile number, please contact us at + 33 (0) 4 91 05 64 61.

Click the "Forgot password"button, enter your username and validate. An email will be sent with your password to the email address you indicated when registering on the site.

Log in to your account, click on the "Password "menu. Enter the old password, then the new password and its confirmation. Confirm. The new password is registered and will have to be used on your next visit to the website. The old password is no longer valid.

By going to the "personal information"menu, you can change your information, such as changing your email address or adding a billing address. The latter will be used to draw up the invoice on line when purchasing credits by card or transfer.

NB: Your Account ID is not editable.

It is possible to set an alert telling you your remaining credit balance. Log in to your customer area, click on "Credit Alert" under "My Account", and set a credit threshold. When your balance reaches this limit, an email will be sent automatically to notify you. To remove this alert, enter zero in the threshold and confirm.


Beforesending an SMSonline, you have to be registered on the site and have credits (see Categories open an account and purchase SMS). Once logged in, go to new SMS, then enter the number of the recipient mobile in the phonefield. Click Add Recipient, the number appears in the Recipientsfield. Write the text of your message in the textfield, and then click Send. The SMS is sent online instantly.

For multiple recipients, including an SMS campaign, enter the following numbers, separated by a comma, in the phonefield, and click Add Recipient (s), the numbers appear in the Recipients. Write the text of your message, and then click Send. The SMS is sent online instantly to each recipient.

It is possible tosend an SMS online if you have previously entered contacts in the Address Book (see Address Bookcategory). Go to new SMS, and then click Select Contact : The list of your contacts saved in the Address Book appears in a window. Select the recipient number (s), click Validate, the selected numbers appear in the Recipientsfield. Write the text of your message and then click Send.
Also, if you have previously created contact groups in the Address Book, you can select them by clicking Select Group.

It is possible tosend text messages online worldwide, the list of countries we cover is available on the International Ratespage. The format of the phone number to be used is as follows: 00 + Country code + number (without the initial 0), or country code + number (without the initial 0).

Example: For England (country code 44) 004477000401xx or 4477000401xx.

Go to my SMS > SMS sent or programmed SMS, and select the SMS to delete, then click Delete. A programmed SMS will be deleted and will not be sent; An SMS already sent will be removed from the list of sent SMS. It is not possible to delete the sending of an SMS already gone.

Go to programmed SMS, click on the SMS to edit, then click on Edit : The New SMS page appears with the text and recipients of your SMS. You can change them as well as the date of shipment. Click Send to save the changes, the programmed SMS is changed.

Go to programmed SMS, click on an SMS, then click Copy : The New SMS page appears with the text and the recipients of your SMS. You can change them as well as the date of shipment. Click Send, a new SMS is created (and sent if the sending date/time is less than the current date/time), the initial SMS has not been changed.

Go to SMS sent, click on an SMS, then click Re-ship : The New SMS page appears with the text and recipients of your SMS. You can change them as well as the date of shipment. Click Send to send this new SMSonline.

To have a recurring message template, to avoid retyping the text each time, go to the "My Templates" section and manage your templates autonomously (unrestricted number).

If the receive report is included in the type of SMS sent, you can click on the detail of this SMS and the receipts are displayed. You then select the number you want to delete, and then click Delete Contacts, and the number is removed directly from the Address book. Useful if you have invalid numbers in reception error.

If the recipient responds to a Pro SMS with alphanumeric custom sender, it will have an error because the transmitter is not a phone number. It is therefore possible tosend an SMS online with the possibility to answer only if you opt for the SMS Pro without putting a custom transmitter. The replies of the recipients will then be viewable on the account by clicking on replies received.

The recipient can reply STOP to any SMS without a custom sender. For other types of SMS, you must specify a contact number or URL in the text so that it has the option of unsubscribe from your mailing lists.

  • sent: the SMS was sent.
  • Received: the SMS was received by your correspondent's phone (which was on).
  • delivered operator: The SMS has been issued to the operator of your correspondent, it has not yet been received (the laptop may be switched off or outside the reception area of the network).
  • Reception Error: the SMS is in error, the most common reasons are an invalid number, a laptop out of its network for an extended period of time, a laptop turned off for 48 hours, an SMS inbox full of the cell phone.

Portability (change of operator without change of number), well managed between the French operators, is not supported by all networks, especially outside the European Union. In this case, SMS may not arrive at destination.

An SMS Reception account is included in the SMS Pro and the voice SMS. In this case, once your SMS campaign is sent, go to the my SMS, or SMS sentmenu, click on the SMS campaign and the detailed report appears with the status (issued operator, received, error...).

The system eliminates duplicates automatically, so the SMS will only be sent online once to that recipient, and you will only be charged the price of a single SMS. An ideal function in the context of an SMS campaign in which duplicates are commonplace.

On the new SMS pages creating a new SMS sending campaign, you can choose the date and time you want to send, by changing the Send Datefield. The format must be in the form dd/mm/yyyy hh: mm. Click Send, and your campaign is visible in the list of programmed SMS. It will be sent once the selected date/time has been reached. The credit will only be debited at the time of the actual sending of the SMS to their recipients.

The credit cost of an SMS sent online to a metropolitan France mobile phone located abroad is the same as if the French mobile phone was in France. It is the nationality of the receiving operator that is taken into account, not its geographical location. Attention, it is possible that the reception of SMS is random in some countries to networks of variable quality.

The messages are customizable with the following data recorded on the contact: name, first name, email, company. To do this simply insert: $nom, $prenom, $email, $societe (attention no accent) in your text, and the system automatically replaces these fields with the corresponding data of the recipient (or recipients).

By clicking on SMS Sent, the list of all SMS sent online appears, and there is the possibility to export this list as a file by clicking on the link export.

SPAM is banned in France; The recipients must have previously agreed to receive text messages from you. For more information, you can contact the GDPR.

The symbol "€" is equivalent to 2 characters on the screen of a phone, so if an SMS uses the 160 characters, with a "€" in the text, the SMS can be mistakenly or else the recipient can receive 2 SMS, depending on the case. To counter this problem the system replaces "€" with "E" when it detects a message that turns out to be too long.


Log in to your account. Click on "Address Book", the list of your contacts appears. Click on the contact to edit, change the necessary fields, and validate. Click "Return", and the modified contact appears in the list. To delete a contact, select it from the list, and click the "delete"button.

Log in to your account. Click on "import numbers". Your file to import must be in Excel (. xls) or CSV format. Select the format you want. For the CSV format a column separator must be defined (, or/or; etc.) depending on your file. You can automatically create a group with these imported contacts, so fill in the "group name"field. Select your file and validate. With an Excel or CSV format, it is necessary to first define the columns to load, mainly name and notebook. Validate and the contacts are imported into the Address Book of your account.

Log in to your account. Click on "New Contact". Fill in the required fields (including the mobile phone number), and then confirm. Your contact is saved in the Address Book. Click "Return" and the contact appears in the list.

You can create a contact group from the contacts that are saved individually. This will be useful for sending text messages to your SMS campaign. To do this, log in to your account, click on "New group", enter a group name in the corresponding field, select from the list of your contacts those who will be part of the group, and validate. When you set up a new campaign, you will be able to select this group of contacts directly.

Log in to your account, click on "Address Book", the list of your contacts appears. It is possible to group a contact from this list, selecting the contact, and clicking on "group" at the bottom of the list after choosing the group. You can also click on the contact: in the details of the contact, the list of existing groups appears in a box. Click on the group to which you want to reattach the contact. If you want to select multiple groups, use the Ctrl + ALT key and select the groups, then click "Validate". For a new contact, click "New Contact" and click the group (or groups) in the "groups"box.

Log in to your account, click on "import numbers". Your file to import must be in Excel or CSV format. Select the format you want. Check the "Blacklist"field. Validate and the contacts are imported into the blacklist of your account. This "blacklist" includes all the contacts not wishing to receive SMS from you (useful in the case of an SMS campaign, if you reimport each time updated files).

Log in to your account, click on "Duplicates". The list of duplicate or triple numbers in the Address book appears. You can delete them. This function is very useful for cleaning your address book.


> SMS purchases are done through credits; On your customer space, you have the possibility to buy credits in packs of 50, 100, 1000, 10 000... which will allow you to send all the types of SMS available on our platform indifferently. The credit will be debited as the SMS is sent; Thus, depending on the type of SMS sent and their destination, the price of the SMS and therefore the debit of credits, will not be the same. The prices of the SMS are available under the heading prices .


  • A SMS sent to metropolitan France uses 1 credit, to England 1.1 credit.
  • A voice text message sent to metropolitan France uses 1.41 credit.

The price of the SMS differs according to:

  • The type of SMS used (SMS Pro with or without option (s), SMS voice),
  • The country of destination (see "International tariffs" for the list of countries and the corresponding tariff)
  • The price of the credit purchased (the unit prices of the credits vary depending on the package of credits purchased).

The prices of the SMS according to the purchase volumes are available under the heading prices.

To best estimate your need and the number of credits you need, use our Campaign simulator.

For large volumes of credits, please contact us directly.

Once the credit is purchased, an invoice is available online for each transaction made and accepted by card, cheque or wire transfer. Once logged into your account, click Transactions, and then click the Invoice icon against the transaction. The company and billing address data are to be filled out on the personal informationpage.

The credits you have purchased do not have a valid or expiration date.

You can transfer credits from your account to another account. Go to Transactions/Transfer credits, then enter the recipient account ID, a reference (not required but will appear in your transaction list), and the number of credits you want to transfer. Validate, the credits are immediately debited from your account and credited to the recipient account. This transfer is visible in the Transactions menu for the 2 accounts concerned.

To send SMS messages online to a mobile number of the DOM-TOM, it is imperative to put the international code in front of the number. The price of the SMS can be found in the International rates section.

Example: for Martinique 00596696xxxxxxxx or 596696xxxxxxxx and the cost is €0.0715/SMS.

To make a purchase of credits, you must be registered on the site (see section open an account). Go to the credit Transactions/Purchases menu in your customer area and choose a payment method:

  • Payment by credit card is made via the secure service of the Caisse d'epargne. Your account balance is credited immediately after the bank transaction is accepted.
  • If you make a purchase by bank transfer, the balance is credited upon receipt of the transfer.
  • You can also pay by check payable to "Calade Technologies", by sending it to us at the following address: Calade Technologies - smsmode©, Pôle média Belle de Mai - 37 rue Guibal - 13003 Marseille, and by sending us in parallel an email to