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Sending Automatic SMS

Sending automatic SMS messages is a practice suited to both marketing and notification.

Scheduling automatic SMS messages for customers without human intervention can be part of a marketing automation logic based on predefined scenarios, but also of a notification, automatic SMS response or alert logic.


The different applications of automatic SMS sending

Programmed SMS

Choose the most opportune moment to send your messages and reach your customers at any time on their mobile number. Program an automatic SMS campaign to be sent at a specific date and time, or when an event is taking place(marketing SMS to promote a promotional operation, meeting reminders with or without a request for a response, customer relations messages, etc.).

Alert message or SMS appointment reminder

Need to deliver urgent information or remind someone of an appointment? Schedule automatic SMS messages anywhere in the world, in real time. SMS is an alerting tool that stands out not only for its speed, deliverability and read rate, but also for its universality. iPhone, Android, smartphone, older phone, Internet connection possible or not: the SMS is always received.

SMS notification

Stay in touch with your recipients throughout their customer journey by sending them a message at every stage. Inform them automatically that their payment has been accepted, their order confirmed or available at a collection point, etc. Using SMS as a notification solution has many advantages, and allows you to get your customers used to sending marketing messages.

SMS birthday

Is it one of your customers' birthdays? Would you like to remind your customer of a purchase anniversary? These are all opportunities to enrich your SMS marketing to your contacts and prospects. Anniversary dates can easily be automated. These personalized mailings enable you tomaintain the link with your customers while offering a call to action.  

Professional services smsmode© for automatic SMS sending

You can automate SMS sending by implementing an SMS API in an application, via a web service or with an SMS plugin. Find out which solution is best suited to your needs.

SMS Cloud Platform

Take advantage of a complete interface to carry out your SMS campaigns with complete autonomy. SMS communication operations carried out from your customer area are programmable, as are all our SMS services (SMS Pro, SMS Response, Voice SMS and Unicode SMS) and sending solutions.


Integrate all professional features for automatic SMS creation and routing. Implement SMS in your external application (CRM, database, mobile application, etc.) to program the sending, texting and/or reception of SMS messages using API parameters. 

SMS Plugins

Benefit from all the advantages of our platform, within the software or applications you use every day. Webhook, trigger no-code (Zapier), marketing automation scenario, CRM integration... all the features you need to manage all your automatic messages from a single interface.

All API requests
to integrate the sms service into your application

Available free of charge, our documentation describes precisely all the requests to send and receive SMS, manage contact lists, manage receipt reports, etc.

Automatic SMS API

Automatic SMS in figures

read rate of an SMS message

SMS has a remarkable read rate, offering numerous advantages for marketing automation and notification. With SMS, you can be sure that your automatic message will be received and read by your recipients, prospects and customers.

average time to open an SMS

95% of business SMS messages are read within 4 minutes. This makes them ideal for instant communication, and particularly suitable for automatically sent notifications. Keep your customers informed at all times, directly on their smartphones, and maintain a close relationship.

of sales for
1€ invested in SMS

An extremely cost-effective means of communication, automatic SMS dispatches cost up to 10 times less than a paper mailing or telephone campaign. Benefit from the ROI of SMS, ultra-attractive for your mobile marketing, by using Internet SMS.

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