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A SMS notification, very often called "SMS Push" in more or less just title, is actually equivalent to the transactional email: The message is sent to such person in such a precise situation via an SMS. The classic examples are those of the availability messages of a parcel in a relay point, an appointment reminder, an authentication, a security code, the dissemination of alerts or information, etc.

As part of this one to one strategy, the sending of notifications via SMS allows to disseminate information on the mobile number of the contact, in a relevant, individualised and personalized way, all in real time. In this context, the mobile especially suited to push messages, is a strategic marketing channel that works very well.


Delivery in less than a minute for 95% of SMSA delivery time
Guaranteed in 1 minute

The lack of latency betweensending and receiving messages remains the nerve of the war for sending notifications on mobile. Also, we guarantee a delay in sending SMS notification in less than a minute for 95% of the SMSmessages.

Maximum securityA maximum

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, our SMS-Sending services guarantee maximum security. In addition, our dedicated and high availability infrastructure is constantly monitored 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Prioritization of traffic notificationA prioritization
Traffic notification

The separation of "notification" traffic is carried out on our services; Also, you benefit from prioritizing SMS notifications on dedicated and priority routes with automatic failover in the event of a slowdown or problem.

Why send a notification by SMS?

The implementation of a system of push messages and notification allows to take advantage of many strategic advantages for your mobile marketing:

Examples of SMS notification

  • the SMS offers an optimum and extremely reliable service thanks to universal coverage and maximum compatibility (no SPAM or technology compatibility problem Window/MAC/other technical environment). For example, a push notifications operation has a large receive rate of about 95% in less than a minute, which is necessary to ensure the responsiveness of the expected user response.
  • SMS Notification Services are now widely adopted by users and are part of the daily landscape of users.
  • the notification reception does not require an Internet connection unlike the email!
  • The push SMS does not require any prior authorization from the user or legal constraints on the part of the message sender.
  • Mobile Notification Services offer endless possibilities: customer information, personal account access code, transaction security, delivery or reservation confirmation, trigger marketing, crisis communication, Etc.
  • the cost of sending notifications is very low : only the price of the sent SMS is charged.

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How to set up
A SMS notification system?

It is undoubtedly useful to recall that notification systems operate on the principle of a message sent automatically by a server (which "pushes" information) to the user.

Also, the solution commonly deployed to realize these automatic sending of useful and contextualized information in real time is to implement the requests to send SMS directly in your website, Application or software. Thus, will automatically trigger the action to send a text message during the realization by your user of such action. This will help you coordinate sending messages to your UX scenario and/or mobile marketing.

For this, you have at your disposal a solution of ad hoc computer tools (an "HTTP API" for aficionados...) that allows to create an HTTP gateway to our sending services. Through this command line interface, you can easily and freely connect your business tools, application, software or website to our SMS marketing services to communicate directly with your contacts on Their mobile phone number with a text message.

extremely easy to set up and configure, the installation of API settings for automated mobile message sending, is simple, fast, flexible and agile. You benefit from all the options available for sending SMS as well as compatibility with very many languages (PHP, Javascript, Java, .net, C/C++, C#, Ruby, Python, WinDev etc.).

A specialist in SMS notification for nearly 15 years, we have developed an API widely approved by nearly 10 000 customers. Detailed documentation of all available and implementable features is downloadable.


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