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Notify by SMS for maximum reach

SMS is the perfect message for notification. It offers an unmissable communication that can be displayed on any device. Deliver information to the customer's cell phone number in a personalized, one-to-one, real-time way with SMS notifications. 


What uses for SMS notifications

An SMS notification, often referred to as an "SMS Push", is actually the equivalent of a transactional e-mail, sent to a customer's telephone number. It's a notification message sent to customers by a service or application via SMS to signal that an action is required. Examples of examples of SMS notification messages include package availability alerts, appointment reminder notifications, messages displaying a security code for accessing a platform from another device, the broadcasting of alerts or information, and so on.

The benefits smsmode© for notifications

Delivery guaranteed in 1 minute or less

Latency between sending and receiving notifications can lose a customer. smsmode guarantees a delivery time of less than one minute for SMS notifications, and offers a delivery time of less than 10 seconds for 95% of sendings.

Maximum platform safety

Our API and SMS services are hosted in France, with redundancy in 2 level 4 data centers. Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure is continuously monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

Priority notification traffic

SMS notifications benefit from dedicated, priority routes with automatic failover in the event of slowdowns or problems. Our API parameters allow you to configure the platform for notification. 

Why send a notification by SMS?

Setting up a message notification system offers a number of strategic advantages for your communications. 

Universal notifications

Apple iPhone, Android or traditional phone, the service is totally compatible. No SPAM, no need for an application. 

No customer authorization required

Opt-in is not required for SMS notifications (unlike push notifications notifications on iPhone), all your customers can receive them without having to activate or deactivate an option. 

A multi-purpose message

Customer info, code, SMS alertsdelivery or reservation confirmation, crisis communication, push notifications, etc. Open up your communication. 

Very low cost of notification

Low SMS price and no application development costs

Service widely adopted

Notifications are part of everyday life for users and customers.

No Internet connection required

Unlike e-mail or push notifications from an application.


The informative SMS through 9 action sheets

Our free downloadable white paper will help you discover the possibilities of notifications and information of your contacts on their mobile.

Set up your SMS notification system

Discover the different ways to activate the SMS contact notification option within your services. 

Plugins to integrate SMS into your applications

Implement the automatic sending of SMS directly in your website, application or software. smsmode© has developed plugins that enable you to add API-type SMS functionality to the CRM, ERP or application you already use on a daily basis, without the need for development. SMS messages can be triggered automatically when a user performs an action (workflows), or by you, from your chat interface. You can coordinate the sending of messages with your customer relations scenario. 

API notification

A RESTful or HTTP API at your disposal, enabling communication between your application and our sending services. This means you can easily connect your own business tools, applications, software or websites, free of charge, and integrate our API parameters for a tailor-made SMS sending solution compatible with a wide range of languages (PHP, Javascript, Java, .NET, C/C++, C#, Ruby, Python, WinDev etc.).

SMS provider

SaaS mobile messaging platform

SMS communication without an API or additional software. Take advantage of our online solution to send your customers information by SMS. Numerous parameters and options are available for sending SMS: content editor, text, programming, phone number and customer data import, sender personalization... 

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