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9 Marketing Action Cards
Around the information SMS

The mobile channel has the distinct advantage of being able to disseminate relevant information, in an individualised, personalized and personal way, all in real time... This certainly positions the mobile as the Channel No. 1 of the customer relationship! Customer tracking, securing, disseminating alerts or information, etc.; There are as many possible uses of relational communication as of needs in terms of direct marketing.

But when to use the informative SMS ?
What are the tools and features available? And what are the strengths and precautions to respect communication plan?

Through this white paper containing 9 simple, clear and easily applicable action sheets , we wanted to offer you a complete and exhaustive panorama of the potentialities of the SMS used for informational purposes. The paths of reflection and the advice we share are the result of proven experiences and they will be able to integrate easily and effectively in your efforts toimprove the customer relationship.

Informative SMS White Paper

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Our White paper "How to develop and set up a communication via SMS ?" The informative SMS through 9 "action Cards" of 44 pages of advice on mobile marketing, is downloadable by filling this form:

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Through 9 action cards around the informative SMS grouping each of many practical tips and tricks, explore all the possibilities offered by the SMS for sending information and notifications on mobile.

Table of Contents

Action Sheet No. 1

Inform each step of the customer path

Action Sheet No. 2


Action Sheet No. 3

Confirm the

Action Sheet No. 4

Set up
Automatic alerts

Action Sheet No. 5

The security

Action Sheet No. 6

Communicate in
Time of crisis

Action Sheet No. 7

Keep in touch
With its customers

Action Sheet No. 8


Action Sheet No. 9

Allow you to register
to a mailing list