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SMS delivery rate

January 12, 2024

The SMS delivery rate is a key performance indicator that measures the percentage of SMS messages sent that are actually received by recipients. It's an essential criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of an SMS campaign, as it reflects the quality of your database and SMS routing. The importance of the delivery rate is undeniable: SMS is favored for its speed and deliverability, but to take advantage of this, you need to ensure that the SMS messages sent reach their target. Discover the factors that influence the SMS delivery rate, the delivery rate you can expect, and the best practices for improving it.

sms delivery rate

How deliverable is SMS?

SMS delivery rate definition :

The SMS delivery rate is the percentage of SMS sent that are actually received by recipients. (SMS received/ SMS sent X 100)

The delivery rate of an SMS campaign is generally very high, as SMS is a direct, fast and reliable communication channel. According to a study by YoomWeb, the average SMS delivery rate is 98%, which means that almost all SMS messages sent reach their destination. But certain criteria can impact SMS deliverability, such as the quality of the contact database and the content of the message. So what delivery rate can we expect? And how does it compare with other communication channels?

Comparison of delivery rates with other communication channels

The deliverability of SMS is far superior to that of other communication channels, such as email or social networks. For example, the average delivery rate for emails is 85%, while the organic reach of Facebook publications is 5.5%. SMS offers an undeniable competitive advantage when it comes to effectively reaching your target.

The delivery rate at smsmode©

To improve SMS delivery rates, you need to use a trusted SMS service provider with a reliable technical infrastructure, optimal network coverage, compliance with legal standards and responsive customer service.

smsmodeis connected directly to telecom operators. Beyond the fact that this connection means better rates and greater security, it also means that once we've sent an SMS to an operator, it's their responsibility to deliver it. Of course, actual deliverability depends on a number of factors:

- the phone number must be valid

- the phone must be in a network coverage zone (working antenna)

- the user's SMS inbox must not be full

- etc.

We ensure 100% delivery of SMS messages to functional numbers to the operators responsible for delivery. While we cannot guarantee a fixed rate of deliverability due to the factors mentioned, we do ensure that every SMS with a functional number is delivered to the relevant operator holding the number.

By way of information, our customers who send critical and solicited SMS messages very often have reception rates in excess of 99%.

The platform smsmode© poster the rate of successfully delivered messages (as well as quantities), but also the various possible errors for undelivered messages. There are different types of error reported by operators. Whether permanent or temporary, they are all reported via a DLR (Delivery Receipt) that you receive via API and on your customer area. This information is used to optimize routing and the quality of the telephone numbers in your database.

Factors influencing SMS delivery rates

The SMS delivery rate depends on several factors, which can be grouped into two categories: database quality and message content.

Database quality

The quality of the database is primordial to ensure good SMS delivery rate. Telephone numbers erroneous, obsolete Yes inactive will not be able to receive SMS messages. It is therefore important to check regularly the validity of telephone numbers delete duplicatesto respect unsubscriptions and segment contacts according to their preferences and behaviors. A qualified database enables you to reduce shipping costs, d'increase SMS delivery rates and customer loyalty. At smsmode©The system automatically deletes duplicates and manages unsubscribes.

Message content

Message content is also a key factor in optimizing SMS delivery rates. Telecom operators may block or filter certain messages depending on their content, particularly if they are considered spam. It's therefore important to respect the rules for writing a professional SMS, and avoid words or expressions that could be considered spam. Among the elements considered as SPAM are the abuse of capital letters and special characters, aggressive commercial terms, suspicious links, as well as keywords linked to banks, state bodies or paid platforms (if the sender is not listed as such).

In short, write messages that are clear, concise, personalized and motivating. This will boost your deliverability and reinforce your brand image. You'll not only arouse customer interest, but also boost your SMS open and conversion rates.

Get inspired by text messages that hit home

smsmode© gives you a few tips to get you started, with the right example for each SMS category.


How to improve SMS deliverability

Use a trusted SMS service provider

Your SMS provider is the guarantor of SMS delivery. So you need to be sure of your provider's quality of service and compliance. Ask about the routes used, and make sure the price is consistent. Neither too high (which could mean the provider is outsourcing SMS) nor too low (which could mean the provider is using SIM cards and has no carrier connection). A trusted SMS service provider means quality routing, fast delivery and real-time tracking.

Database cleanup

Database cleanup is an essential step in improving SMS delivery rates. All Base phone numbers must be valid, up-to-date and active. Respect recipients' consent, by offering them an easy unsubscribe option and deleting unsubscribed numbers. Regular database cleansing reduces mailing costs, avoids delivery errors and optimizes the quality of your mailings. SMS ROI. With smsmode©duplicate numbers are automatically deleted, as are those that send a STOP SMS.

Clean SMS database

Optimize SMS sending costs with an opt-in and active base

smsmode© gives you the keys to start your SMS campaigns on the right foot and keep your database active over time.


Setting up effective message content

As explained above, make sure your message is clear, concise and personalized. Avoid words or expressions that could be considered spam by operators or recipients. What's more, a well-written message has an impact on other indicators such as brand image, loyalty, open rate and conversion rate.


The SMS delivery rate is the first performance indicator to monitor when evaluating the effectiveness of an SMS campaign. It's therefore important to know it and compare it to other communication channels, as well as between different SMS platforms. Maximize your deliverability by following best practices to generate a high return on investment, a high open rate, a significant click rate for an optimal conversion rate.


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