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The SMS is now one of the most effective means of communication to reach its contacts regardless of their number. In fact, more than 90% of messages sent by SMS are read by their recipient. It is for these reasons that many professionals now include this media in their communication and marketing.

The benefits of SMS as a means of communication

In addition to its effectiveness and popularization, the SMS has many more advantages as a means of communication. In terms of cost for example, the SMS is much more economical than traditional means (TV spots and radios, posters, leaflets, etc.). Among other things, a SMS campaign is much easier to manage, especially with the help of the SMsmode platform, a professional SMS serviceprovider.

Messages are customizable, and can be interactive; Your contact book with the associated mobile numbers is scalable and manageable easily. In addition, to measure theeffectiveness of your campaign, it is possible to have acknowledgments for the pro range of SMS packs offered by SMsmode. Finally, unlike other means of communication judged to be innovative and contemporary, such as mailing, the SMS is not blocked by anti-spam devices.

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smsmode©'s professional SMS services

The smsmode© Internet Platform provides a professional SMS service. This professional SMS service is specially dedicated to companies or companies who wish to set up a means of disseminating effective information, or to carry out a marketing campaign for a product or A promotional offer. Depending on the requirements specified, the professional SMS service allows you to send individual or massSMS messages . In the latter case, it is possible, for example, to make up to several thousand messages in one click. This solution also gives you the ability to personalize the content of the message and to have a statistical return with the acknowledgments provided.