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Complete SMS service provider

Send personalized messages with ease, thanks to a reliable provider with worldwide coverage. Take advantage of a sending service available as SaaS software, or easily integrated via API or plug-in, with a wide range of functions: SMS response reception, SMS sending scheduling, detailed statistics... 

professional sms campaign


Professional SMS

SMS is a highly effective way of reaching your contacts at the right time and on the right device: the telephone. Over 95% of messages sent by SMS are read by the recipient within 5 minutes of being sent. Professionals are therefore opting for SMS campaigns campaigns at all stages of the customer relationship, whether for marketing, user notification or security, with the use of SMS OTP for two-factor authentication.

The advantages of SMS as a means of communication

A cost-effective mailing solution

With a low message price, SMS is much more economical than traditional media (TV and radio spots, posters, leaflets, etc.) and offers a higher return on investment than other digital marketing levers such as social ads or email. 

Simple configuration

SMS campaigns are easy to manage and automate, especially with the smsmode©professional SMS service provider. Select a list of opt-in contact numbers, write your message, choose your sender name or short number, send, simply.  

A personalized message

Our software, like our SMS APIAPI, offers the possibility of integrating variables into your messages, making them perfectly adapted to your customers and your corporate communications. This means you can personalize your mass messaging campaigns, as well as integrate SMS into your marketing automations, number by number. 

An enriched shipment

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign with statistics on delivery, clicks on your URL or other types of interaction. Our solution offers you features such asURL shortenerlanding page editor, keyword or free message responses...) that enable your marketing to go further than just sending an SMS.


Product overview smsmode©

The telephone number offers a privileged point of contact. Discover all the customer engagement solutions available for your business.  

Professional services smsmode©

Discover a dedicated SMS service provider that offers a high-performance customer communication solution tailored to your needs. Distribute information or create marketing campaigns for your promotional offers from the solution that's right for you.

SaaS Platform

Produce fully autonomous bulk SMS campaigns directly from our online software. Take advantage of our features: send programming, reception statistics, personalized sender, response management, landing page creatorURL shortener... 


Integrate SMS sending directly into your application, website or in-house software. Our API, available in HTTP or RESTful, simply adds SMS functionality to the application you use every day. SMS messaging is integrated into your environment.

SMS plugins

Benefit from SMS sending within your own tools, without the need for API integration. smsmode© has developed connectors and webhooks compatible with many CRM and ERP systems. Add SMS to your workflows in just 3 clicks, and put the information in your contact sheets to good use right away.

Communicate differently with the platform smsmode©

Send bulk or one-off SMS messages with ease, thanks to a compliant provider offering simple configuration and responsive, dedicated customer support. A new way to engage your customers and users on their phones. 

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