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A complete management solution for your SMS dispatches

Send messages at the right time to your contacts. Make sure your recipients receive your SMS messages. Receive responses to your SMS campaigns. Send bulk SMS messages anywhere in the world at a competitive price.


Choose a professional SMS tool

SMS marketing works like emailing. But this solution has its advantages, particularly in terms of reception, thanks to the absence of spam filters. So you can be sure that the message sent to your customer's cell phone will be seen and read within 4 minutes of receipt.

SMS marketing

Increase your sales

Almost all consumers - your potential customers - own a cell phone. In France, there are 58 million of them. SMS is therefore a solution that offers a reach of millions of contacts and solves any compatibility problems. It's also a professional mobile marketing tool with high KPIs, click-through and conversionrates. Send professional SMS messages from our platform and boost your return on investment with SMS.   

Improve your customer service

SMS campaigns are a powerful marketing tool, but they're also one of the features that can revolutionize your customer service. A short, useful message sent at the right time can increase the satisfaction of your recipients and customers. Thanks to its universality and open rate, SMS is ideal for alerting or delivering essential information. What's more, regular notification helps your contacts get used to your company for future marketing mailings.

The advantages of the web solution smsmode©

Advanced statistics

Our interface provides you with the functionalities you need for comprehensive data management and monitoring of mass mailings.  

Intuitive campaign management

Message creation interface, contact list management, message and sender personalization...  

Sending bulk messages

From our platform, our API or from your software thanks to our SMS plugins, benefit from high-performance bulk SMS sending. 

Exclusive features

Personalize your SMS with customer data variables, create mobile-first landing pages, generate personalized urls... right from the customer interface. 

Ultra competitive price

Benefit from low rates and an optimal SMS solution thanks to our direct operator connection.

Comprehensive support

From onboarding to campaign management to mobile strategy, our team will provide you with the advice you need.


Download subscription formulas smsmode©

Discover all our formulas and rates for sending professional SMS.

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A complete offer for sending SMS

Our professional mailing platform supports your business, whatever your use or communication strategy.    

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An adaptable application for your SMS dispatches

Engage your prospects easily with the solution that's right for you. smsmode© provides you with a online software accessible with a simple Internet connection API SMS to create custom modules and add messaging functionality to your applications, as well as numerous SMS plugins so you can integrate SMS sending into your everyday software in just a few clicks. Online, from software or via API, you benefit from all the features and can use SMS, RCS, WhatsApp or voice messages.

Expertise for your SMS campaigns

With over 10,000 customers and nearly 20 years' experience, smsmode© is positioned as the France's leading mass-mailer. We are proud to support companies and startups in their growth, and to be committed to data protection. smsmode© offers you a secure, high-performance and robust platform, so that all you have to worry about is getting the right message to your recipients.

expert SMS campaign

A wealth of resources for marketing and information communication

Whatever your needs - advertising and marketing campaigns, notification or authentication via SMS OTP- you'll find a wealth of information and tools in our documentation and knowledge base. Best practices for sending to all types of recipients are just a click away, whether it's a marketing campaign to engage your customers, or the implementation of a request-by-request SMS API.




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