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SMS Gateway or SMS Gateway

Send mass messages with our SMS gateway, a sending solution available via API or software. Using an SMS gateway is effective for many applications, from mobile marketing to mass notification. Send and receive SMS from your solution (software, CRM, application, connected object, home automation, etc.) thanks to our SMS gateway applications: Online software, plugins, API Rest, API Mail...  


Why use an SMS gateway?

Using a gateway to to send SMS messages has many applications for businesses.

Communication with your customers, suppliers or employees

Sending SMS from an SMS Pro service fits perfectly into a communication plan, replacing or complementing e-mail. For advertising, customer relations, reminders, direct marketing, security codes, etc., an SMS application is your best ally for reaching your contact base directly, communicating, promoting and prospecting.

Integration of SMS alert systems via API

SMS text messaging integrated directly into a home automation or M2M (Machine To Machine) application is a popular use case for managing an alert system (for transport services, for example), on-call duty or fault reporting. SMS offers maximum compatibility, sending and receiving messages on the recipient's mobile or landline phone instantly.

Receive SMS messages to your website, application and CRM

In addition to sending SMS messages online, our SMS gateway enables you to receive SMS messages via the Internet, store them and forward them to your system via a get request or notification URL. This use of our web SMS gateway offers numerous advantages for integrating SMS authentication, receiving survey responses or building mailing lists by sending keywords. 

SMS message automation accessible to all

Whether you're a developer, marketer or looking for a simple solution for your campaigns, prospecting or customer service, smsmode© has the right interface for you. Manage the sending of voice or text messages from our website, implement a message API and make every request from your environment, use a plugin to add SMS to the software you use every day, contact your customers from our Mail API, which lets you send SMS directly from your mailbox, with no need for development.  

Securing your systems

SMS is also an excellent way of combating identity theft, fraud and other threats to online services (malware, phishing, brute force attacks, etc.). The "One Time Password" SMS technique overcomes the shortcomings associated with traditional static passwords.

They have successfully integrated our Rest API

SMS, Virtuo and rental
A multi-provider approach to agility
Notification Authentication SMS API
Using an SMS API meets all the needs and challenges of an organization like ours.
Building an application connected to microservices
Alert Authentication SMS API

The SMS gateway for improving the customer experience

As a professional SMS service and SMS routing provider, we offer you all the tools, services and quality of service you need to use an SMS gateway successfully.

SaaS Platform

When it comes to creating your SMS campaign, our solution is a complete, simple and effective tool. From your personal online account, you have access to all the features you need to personalize your mobile message: personalized sender field with your company name, name of your recipient automatically inserted into the message, scheduled day and time of sending, import of address and contact files, etc.


The open-source REST web interface lets you integrate SMS communication. Free of charge and without obligation, the interconnections and configuration of your own environments and software with our SMS Gateway are designed to simplify the code to be integrated. All POST and GET requests are described in detail in the documentation and SDK.


SMS A2P Gateway features

Discover the features of the SMS A2P Gateway and the Hub connection management for routing all your A2P SMS messages worldwide.

The SMS Gateway in detail

Simple integration

Compatible with all programming languages (PHP, C#, Java, C++, Ruby, WINDEV...), our free, comprehensive documentation makes integration simple, fast and step-by-step.

Maximum safety

Hosted on servers in France in a level 4 data-center, our SMS webservice guarantees maximum security via HTTP authentication.

Continuous service

Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure is continuously monitored 24/7/365, and is fault-tolerant.

Technical support

Our dedicated team of developers is available to help you integrate our SMS gateway or answer any questions you may have.

A monitoring and supervision system for our SMS gateway

Our SMS Gateway is continuously monitored, and you can access the performance of your SMS dispatches via our Kibana traffic monitoring system. At a glance, you can track the success of your SMS campaigns via detailed results and statistics delivered in real time, and be alerted to any system slowdowns.

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